Cozy Mountain Lodge

Cozy Mountain Lodge: Where Women Find Shelter in God

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Cozy Mountain Lodge is a Bible-based women’s retreat program designed to help women grow in their relationship with God and develop lasting friendships with each other.

“God is our refuge and strength, always ready to help in times of trouble.” – Psalm 46:1


How it Works

Every session works together to create a relaxing and fun, faith-filled experience for your retreat guests. Women sit in small groups of four throughout the retreat, which inspires a non-threatening environment to share honestly with one another and develop lasting Christian friendships.

Session 1

Women will begin exploring the book of Ruth and discover that no matter what life gives us, we can all choose to make God our firm foundation.

Session 2

She will experience time to connect with God personally and to hear his voice through journaling and unique prayer activities.

Session 3

She will apply the Bible to her day-to-day life and personal circumstances through guided Bible study.

Session 4

She will share her heart with others, pray with others, and receive direct encouragement and affirmation.

Session 5

She will worship God through singing and find inner healing through praise and confession.

Session 6

She will extend herself to others in need through a unique service project.

Session 7

In this celebratory final session, women will worship, read God's Word, and be affirmed by each other. Women take a look into Ruth 4 and leave feeling encouraged and refreshed.

Cozy Mountain Lodge

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