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Scuba VBS 2024

Diving into Friendship with God by Group VBS

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Scuba VBS 2024

Diving into Friendship with God by Group VBS

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Kit Catalog
Kit Catalog

Ultimate Starter Kit

Think of it as your VBS treasure chest! The Scuba VBS 2024 Starter Kit offers all the tools you need to organize an unforgettable undersea VBS journey!

Your Scuba Ultimate Starter Kit Includes:

Select between the classic Ultimate Starter Kit or dive even further with the incredible Ultimate Starter Kit + Digital. Both come equipped with the fundamental tools for crafting an incredible undersea escapade, while the Ultimate Starter Kit + Digital extends the experience with downloadable digital leader guides, videos, music, and more.

  • The Ultimate Director Go-To Guide
    The Ultimate Director Go-To Guide contains everything a VBS Director needs to plan a successful program, recruit and train volunteers, publicize, and follow up with families after the big event.
  • Station Leader Manuals
    Station Leader Manuals that make VBS fun and easy for your volunteers. The easy-to-follow visual layout makes leading VBS stations as refreshing as a cool ocean breeze. Each manual includes an overview of the day's Bible content, historical backgrounds, step-by-step directions, and lots more.
  • Media Resources
    Media Resources include music videos, music audio, station videos, training, clip art, and promotional tools that will WOW your volunteer team and your VBS kids! CD and DVD format media is available in both Starter Kit options, but you also get downloadable media with the Ultimate Starter Kit + Digital..
  • Student Resources
    Student Resources, including the Bible Memory Buddies, Gospel of John Bible Books, and Imagination Station samples, are designed to help kids go deeper with their Scuba experience. They'll be talking about their undersea adventure long after VBS is over!

Theme Overview

Dive into VBS like Never Before!

Watch Scuba Intro Video

Dive into a friendship with God! Take kids deep into an amazing undersea adventure where they'll experience the ever-flowing, neverending love of God

We Love How: Kids will be immersed in the Word and discover what living water is really all about!

Five Reasons to Choose Scuba VBS

Five Reasons to Choose Scuba VBS

Selecting the ideal VBS theme for the next year is a crucial decision, as it shapes the curriculum, decorations, crafts, and activities. The chosen theme... Read More

Your VBS Cheat Sheet to Ordering Student Items

Your VBS Cheat Sheet to Ordering Student Items

VBS holds so many great memories for many people and what sparks the most nostalgia is typically the music and the Bible stories. Ordering student... Read More

VBS Science Experiments: Combining Faith and Learning

VBS Science Experiments: Combining Faith and Learning

Traditional VBS activities have always been about teaching kids about faith through stories and art projects. While these activities are fun... Read More

Plunge Beneath the Waves to Forge a Mighty Faith

Lead children on a thrilling underwater journey, where they can dive into the unceasing, boundless love of God. At Scuba VBS, kids will submerge themselves in the Scriptures and uncover the true essence of the living waters!

Dive Into Sticky Scripture

Dive Into Sticky Scripture

At this exciting new rotation station, children discover how to integrate the daily Bible Verse into their everyday experiences and make it meaningful in their own lives!

Deep Bible Adventures

Deep Bible Adventures

In this rotation, children will be fully submerged within the Bible, stepping right into the heart of these stories and making them their own!

Dive Into Discovery

Dive Into Discovery

At the Imagination Station, Crews embark on faith-strengthening, science-infused adventures with the brand-new Crew Teaching Kit, fostering togetherness and excitement.

How It Works

Learn about Each Scuba VBS Station

Scuba Sing & Play Splash

Sing & Play Splash

Kick off your day with energetic music and make daily acquaintances with a fresh Bible Memory Buddy

Scuba Deep Bible Adventures

Deep Bible Adventures

Submerge yourself in the rich depths of the Bible, where you don't just read the story – you live it!

Scuba Imagination Station

Imagination Station

Gather your Crew in a circle and engage in the brand-new Imagination Station Crew Teaching Kit for an exciting learning experience.

Scuba Reef Rec

Reef Rec

Play high-energy games like Off the Hook and A Clean Getaway!

Scuba Tidal Treats

Tidal Treats

All the Teams unite to recharge with a specially-themed snack that ties in with the day's Bible Message.

Scuba Sticky Scripture

Sticky Scripture

Children discover the daily Scripture through various engaging methods and explore how to put it into practice in their daily lives.

Scuba Fin-tastic Finale

Fin-tastic Finale

Conclude the day with captivating science experiments, entertaining skits, and music, all seamlessly connected to the day's Bible Message.

What's New at Scuba VBS

Scuba Sticky Scripture Station

Sticky Scripture Station™

Transform Bible memory, making it resonate deeply in the heart, as never experienced before!

The BRAND-NEW Sticky Scripture Station is crafted to submerge kids in the daily Scripture, fostering a deep UNDERSTANDING of God's Word, the ability to APPLY it in their lives, and the lasting REMEMBRANCE of these verses for years to come! Its purpose is to ensure the Word truly "sticks" in their hearts. In Sticky Scripture kids will experience:

Daily Video A fun, Interactive Daily Video
Motions Motions that help them remember the verse
Scripture Exploration Scripture exploration that adds context to the verse
Scuba Imagination Station

Imagination Station "The Crew Kit"

Elevating Bible-based, science-infused fun to unprecedented heights!

We've introduced the cost-effective Imagination Station Crew Kit, which has replaced individual gadgets for each child! It features seven captivating experiments that Crews can actively engage in, bringing the wonder of science to life. See what happens each day:

Scuba Gospel of John Book

What Else Is New

Elevating Bible-based, science-infused fun to unprecedented heights!

Gospel of John Elementary Student Book

Presenting the entire Gospel of John to fully immerse every child in a genuine Bible encounter.

Simpler Wrap-Up Activities

Fewer materials and minimal preparation, yet still delivering the same impressive 'Wow' factor!

Discover a daily link to Jesus

Even on days dedicated to exploring the Old Testament.

Daily Bible Content

Swimming in God's Word

During Scuba Vacation Bible School, a single unforgettable Bible Message is emphasized consistently at every station, every day, ensuring that children can effortlessly recall and apply it in their daily lives.

Key Items for Scuba VBS

Bible Memory Buddies - Make Scripture Stick in a Memorable Way

The Bible Memory Buddies are a kid-friendly, collectible keepsake. Kids receive a new Buddy figurine from their Crew Leader in a meaningful experience each day in Sticky Scripture. Each delightful Scuba Buddy comes to life in 3D, and when kids take them home, the Scriptures go with them!

Order Bible Memory Buddies


Dive into a Sea of Creativity with Your Scuba VBS Decor!

Imagine shelves adorned with coral reefs showcasing the brilliant hues of a wide variety of sea creatures, giving a fresh interpretation to the idea of living waters. Your Scuba Vacation Bible School decorations will infuse your church with the sparkling essence of water and the vivid allure of the undersea world. This visual spectacle is bound to leave a lasting impression in the hearts of both kids and families, a memory to cherish for years.


Take An Oceanic Musical Journey!

With every song infused with worship, praise, energy, and excitement, the music at Scuba Vacation Bible School will become a beloved treasure for both children and their parents. It's music is so infectious and enjoyable that kids won't even notice they're absorbing vital Bible lessons with each and every melodious note they sing.

Thanks God (Theme Song)

One True God

Count Your Blessings

One Big Family

Forever God Forever Love

I Have a Friend

A Friend We Can Trust

Standing in Need

Your Friend

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Planning and pulling off your Scuba VBS event is easy all these free extra resources.

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Scuba VBS 2024 by Group

Scuba VBS 2024 by Group

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