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Candlelight Service Candles

Shop a variety of candle sizes and drip protectors.

Candlelight Service Candles

Candlelight Service Candles

SafeFlame LED Candles

Battery Operated Candles

  • Available in Packs of 10 and Packs of 25
  • AAA Batteries Included
  • Alternative to Wax Candles
  • Safe for Kids and Adults
  • Long-Lasting LED Bulb and Battery (150+ hours)
  • Easy On/Off Switch
  • Approx 6" in length

Build Your Candlelight Sets

It's easier than ever to shop for Candlelight Service Sets.
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Paper Sets

Budget Friendly

Plastic Disc Sets

Best Seller

Plastic Holder Sets

Customer Favorite

Plastic Shield Sets

Wind Resistant

Top Selling Candlelight Service Set

Candlelight Set with Plastic Holders

This candlelight set includes candles and the top-rated plastic holder drip protectors

  • 250 Wax Candles
  • 250 Plastic Holder Drip Protector

Best Selling Candlelight Products

Get a Candlelight Sample Pack

Create the best possible experience for your candlelight service, event, or vigil. Get your Candlelight Sample Pack and physically see and touch the various candles and drip protectors that we offer

See What's Included


  • 4¼" Candle
  • 5" Candle
  • 5¾" Candle
  • 6½" Candle
  • SafeFlame Battery Candle

Drip Protectors

  • White Paper Disc
  • Plastic Disc
  • Plastic Holder
  • Clear Plastic Shield
  • White Plastic Shield

SafeFlame Handheld LED Candlelight Candles
Paper Drip Protector

Paper Disc Sets

Plastic Drip Protector

Plastic Disc Sets

Plastic Holder Protector

Plastic Holder Sets

Plastic Shield Protector

Plastic Shield Sets




Fitting into your service's budget

As low as 18¢ per person

As low as 35¢ per person

As low as 57¢ per person

As low as 70¢ per person

As low as $1.20 per person


Finding products for multiple uses

Drip Protection

Containing wax for easy cleanup

Candle Efficiency

Planning for a longer burn time

Flame Protection

Account for weather and proximity

Bright-Shining Keepsakes for Little Ones

Let younger children participate in your candlelight service, or host a flame-free candlelight event for your youth group. These handheld glow sticks are budget-friendly, easy to distribute and a good take home gift for kids.

"The Lord Is My Light" Glow Sticks

  • Yellow Glow
  • 3¾" Length
  • "The Lord is My Light!" Text
  • Pack of 12

Candle Shape Glow Sticks

  • Purple-White Glow
  • 6" Length
  • Shaped like a candlelight service candle
  • Pack of 12


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