Candlelight Service Sets

Candlelight Service Candles

Everyday savings on our candlelight service candle kits and sets. We have the largest selection of candlelight candles. So if you are looking for complete candlelight service sets & kits, bulk candlelight candles, tealights or luminarias we have a solution for you. Get a free download of our six-page Candlelight Buyers Guide to compare the various candle options we have available.

Candlelight Service Sets
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Pre-packaged candlelight sets include candles and drip protectors. SAVE MORE WITH SETS

Build Your Own Candlelight Set

Yes, you can order your candles and drip protectors separately and/or build your own set. Mix and match as desired by selecting candles and style of drip protector.

SafeFlame LED Battery Candles


Go Flameless!

Consider our exclusive SafeFlame Battery Candles
These handheld battery candles have a realistic LED light that flickers like a real flame. Creates an amazing effect for your candlelight vigil services. A kid-friendly and flameless alternative for your church service or event.
SAMPLES available upon request or order the sample pack.

Can't Decide?

Order a convenient Candlelight Sample Pack which includes our selection of candlelight service candle options.
Need more information before you buy? Download our Candlelight Buyer's Guide.

The Best Selection of Drip Protector Options

We have you covered with the best candlelight drip protectors options to choose from. Available in pre-packed sets or sold separately. Each has their own advantages based on your preferences and usage.   >>Shop All Drip Protectors

Paper Drip Protectors

Paper Drip Protectors
A disposable, simple, and inexpensive option. One-time use.

plastic holder candlelight set

Plastic Holder Cups
*TOP PICK* Completely contains the wax. Lowest price found anywhere.

plastic disc

Plastic Discs
Similar to the paper version, but can be used for multiple services.

Plastic Shield

Plastic Shields
Max protection of flame. Creates a stunning visual effect.

Helpful Candlelight Blog Posts

Looking Ahead:
Christmas Candlelight Service

Planning for, and ministering to, a church are very different experiences than simply attending church - we’re always looking ahead: thinking about Thanksgiving in September and Christmas in October. In the spirit of looking ahead, we're beginning to anticipate one of the most popular...

Safety Tips for Your
Christmas Candlelight Service

Christmas candlelight services continue to be one of the most popular services of the year for many churches. The service helps participants calm their hearts and remember that Christ is the Light of the World. As the candles are lit, participants reflect...

Picking the Right Products for
Your Canlelight Service

Candle length? Drip protector style? A la Carte vs. Sets? Our candle and drip protector options can spark a few questions as you prepare for your christmas candlelight service. We’ve compiled some information and tips to help you pick the right products for your church’s candlelight service...

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Decorate the outside of your church with luminaria bags and tealights. A rich, easy-to-assemble Christmas tradition that lights the walkways around your church.

Complete Candlelight Sets
When we say "Complete" service sets, we simply mean that these include 1 large pastor candle, 6 medium usher candles, the regular congregation vigil candles and drip protectors.

Tealights & Votives
We have great prices on the basic tealights and votives. Tealights and votives can serve a multitude of uses in or out of the church, including with Luminarias.

Advent & Christmas Banners
Complement your Advent Services with church banners. Make it a whole set for each Sunday of Advent with a matching series.

Advent & Christmas Bulleins
New Christmas bulletin designs are available for the season! Order inspiring new designs for all of your candlelight services today.

Candlelight Buyer's Guide
Download our Free Candlelight Buyer's Guide to help you determine which candlelight service options best serve the needs of your church.

Candlelight FAQ's

How fast do the candles burn?
We did our own test to measure the burning rate of the one-half inch diameter candlelight candles and found they burn at approximately 1 inch per 30 minutes. This was under controlled conditions and the candles were fixed in position. So they may burn slightly faster in actual use.

How long of a candle do I need?
Generally, the 4.5" or 5" candles are sufficient for most candlelight services. However, there are advantages to using longer candles (6.5" and 7") which include use with plastic shield drip protectors, easier to hold, a longer burn time. Many also think they create a better visual impact.

Can I reuse candles for multiple services?
Yes you can. However...we recommend using fresh candles for each service because it can tend to get messy when the candle wax re-heats and melts for the next serivce. In our experience the dried wax is more likely flake off during that second or third use. If you are using for multiple services we recommend the plastic holder which does a great job of containing the wax. Candles are relatively inexpensive (as low as $0.15 each), consider balancing the cost of cleanup with fresh candles for each service.

Why should I consider Flameless Battery Candles?

For those churches or facilities that have strict fire regulations or concerned about cleanup issues, we recommend our SafeFlame Flameless Battery Candles. A wonderful alternative to wax candles and simple to operate for all ages. Another advantage is that our flameless candles are very kid-friendly. They have a simple on/off switch, a white plastic tip, and LED light for very long battery life.

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Complete Sets come with Pastor, Usher, and congregation candles and drip protectors.

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Complete Sets come with Pastor, Usher, and congregation candles and drip protectors.

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You can make your own set and buy candles or drip protectors separately.

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We have a handheld battery candles that flicker like a real flame. Tealights and handheld versions.

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