DIG IN Curriculum by Group

A new and innovative curriculum from Group Publishing.

DIG IN to the NEW Sunday school curriculum that engages...inspires...and digs deeper! Plus, with just a few clicks, you’ll choose lesson elements that best fit your kids, your teachers, your schedule, and your unique ministry!

Take a Test Drive = 3 free lessons

Use this Interactive DEMO to build one DIG IN lesson from the ground up—pick a format, select the activities you like best, and experience for yourself how having a “just right” lesson makes teaching fun and effective.

Then use three additional pre-configured lessons in your Sunday school—all on us.

This is How It Works...

Select Sunday School Format

1. Select Your Format

Age-graded classrooms, one-room, large group/small group—DIG IN flexes to fit them all. Create as many classes as you need for your ministry.

Select Sunday School Format

2. Build Your Lesson

Drag-and-drop the lesson Activity Blocks you want to include in whatever order you want them. Choose from 11 options depending on how much time you have, who’s teaching, and what options best fit into your program. It’s up to you!

Lessons can quickly and easily be built by the Sunday school director or by individual teachers. That’s up to you, too.

Download Sunday School Lesson Content

3. Download the Lesson

Once the lesson is finished, it’s available for viewing and printing. Download any music or video you’ve selected from the DIG IN website and—if there’s a handout you’ve selected—download and print that, too.

Then you’re ready to go!

Teach Sunday School Lesson Content

4. Teach the Lesson

Use a laptop, tablet, or hard-copy printout. The specially designed lesson fits all those formats.

Build Faith at Home

5. Build Faith at Home

Every lesson comes with an optional take-home page that equips families to grow in faith together. Print it out, email it, or share it through social media—your choice. And since all ages explore the same topic at the same time, all the kids will be on the same page as they DIG IN to God’s Word together.

See Why DIG IN will have your smiling...

Your teachers will smile because...

  • at last they’ll teach the way God wired them to teach—they’ll pick and choose activities and lesson elements that play to their strengths and natural teaching style...and their confidence will soar!
  • it’s quick and easy to tailor lessons to fit the class time so there’s no more scrambling to add or cut content.
  • they’ll anchor kids in a lasting faith and see kids transformed by a deeper relationship with God.

Your kids will smile because...

  • they’ll experience fun, fascinating lessons, interacting with their friends to actively DO the Bible story!
  • they’ll light up with fresh, practical insights, connecting Bible truths with everyday life at home and school—in new, exciting ways.
  • they’ll enjoy deep Bible learning presented in a way that keeps their attention!

And you’ll smile because...

  • when volunteers are engaged and satisfied, they serve longer, you do less recruiting, and your ministry benefits from teacher continuity.
  • when kids are happy, parents are, too—and church attendance builds.
  • when lessons fit your unique ministry without you having to cobble together content, it’s easy to adapt and edit lessons—and you get your life back. Less time managing curriculum means more time with your kids!

Bible Content + R.E.A.L. teaching method

Count on DIG IN to creatively lead your kids to Biblical depth…to guide them to making new discoveries about God as they grow deeper in their faith…and to draw closer to Jesus and one another.

Sunday School Teacher with Kid

DIG IN combines the best of Group’s commitment to learning that’s relational, experiential, applicable, and learner-based. It makes tailoring a lesson quick, intuitive, and easy.


DIG IN is now available for purchase kick off a full year of all-new lessons with Digging Into the Life of Jesus. In this program, kids will walk in Jesus’ footsteps from birth to ascension.

Child Hugging Leader at Sunday School

Because individual sessions are undated, you can start anytime you want—but once you try DIG IN, you’ll be eager to get rolling.

Child Smiling at Sunday School

And DIG IN provides an ongoing stream of fresh deeper Bible content that keeps both teachers and kids engaged and excited.

Here’s a preview of Bible Content sequence:

June 2016:

Digging Into the Life of Jesus where kids will walk in Jesus’ footsteps from birth to ascension.

June 2017:

Digging Into the Bible in One Year gives kids an overview of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation over the course of a year. It provides an understanding not just of the Bible but of who God is and how God has reached out to us.

Future Date TBD:

Digging Into the Beginning sets the stage for an in-depth exploration of the first five books of the Bible (the Pentateuch)... helping kids discover the power and heart of God.

Activity Blocks - The Core of DIG IN

Being Picky Is a Good Thing!

DIG IN has gone the extra mile to make lesson-building quick and easy for you.


(5 min)

Opening Icon A warm, relational introduction to the Bible story.

Core Bible Discovery

(20 min)

Core Bible IconThe heart of every lesson, an immersive, "you are there" way for kids to experience the Bible story.

Life Application Wrap-Up

(5 min)

Life Application Icon

Deeper Bible

(5 min) Deeper Bible Icon

High-Energy Game

(10 min)

Large Room Game Icon

Low-Energy Game

(10 min)

Small Room Game Icon

Object Lesson

(10 min)

Object Lesson Icon


(20 min)

Craft Icon

Music Video

(10 min)

Music Video Icon

Talk-About Video

(10 min)

Talk-About Video Icon


Take-Home Icon

Pricing Everyone Can Afford

How? Because the price is based on your average weekly attendance.

And here's the good news: The more students using DIG IN, the less it costs per student. As your church grows, you actually pay less per student!

Check out this handy chart to see what you'll pay per quarter. To determine your pricing, select the weekly average number of students that will be using the program. The pricing includes content for all class formats (one-room, age-graded, large-group/small-group), and all Activity Block options (music videos, deeper Bible, object lessons, etc.), for all ages preschool through 6th grade.

pricing chart dig in 2016

Digging into the Life of Jesus

When you purchase Digging into the Life of Jesus, you'll get access to a full quarter of lesson content—allowing you to build an entire quarter's lessons at once or do it week to week. And if you want things even simpler, you can copy the same Activity Blocks to all lessons with a simple click.

Payments are processed before quarterly lesson content is released to you. If you choose to cancel, you'll only be responsible for the lesson content that's been delivered to you.