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Water For Tanzania

Make Water For Tanzania your VBS 2024 Project!

We have some FREE RESOURCES to help make it easy!

Donations go directly to ELI using the Donate button!

Kids-Empowering-Kids 2024 Mission Project

Concordia Supply's yearly VBS Mission program, Kids-Empowering-Kids, is back!

We're teaming up once more with Empowering Lives International for our campaign, "Water For Tanzania," dedicated to raising funds for clean water initiatives in Africa's Tanzania.

Our Goal For VBS 2024: Complete 10 new solar-powered wells to reach 10,000 people with clean water.

$15,000 = 1 New Solar Powered Water Well Empowering Lives International (ELI) is partnering with Mighty Men Drillers to drill 10 new wells in 2024 if enough funds are raised. Each well provides clean water much closer to the community and has solar powered pumping to an elevated storage tank. Since starting in 2016, Mighty Men Drillers has completed 76 functioning wells impacting over 30,000 people. Concordia Supply is committed to match double your impact by matching all donations raised through this campaign.

The Need

Did you know?

  • 2.1 billion people worldwide lack access to safe water at home. (WHO)

  • 3.7 Miles — Women and children in the developing world walk an average of 3.7 miles (6 km) per day to collect water. (USAID)
  • 570 million — Nearly 570 million children lack access to basic drinking water at school. (UNICEF)

The global water crisis claims 3.4 million lives each year. In rural Tanzania, the people often collect water from open contaminated sources. This water – used for bathing, cleaning, and drinking - is full of mud, bacteria, and parasites causing severe illnesses and even death. Women and children typically carry this burden walking miles every day carrying full buckets weighing 45 lbs from these water sources.

How You Can Help

Water For Tanzania
    Make Water For Tanzania your VBS 2024 Project! We have some FREE RESOURCES to help make it easy!
    Set a fundraising goal — Dream BIG! Any amount you raise will help, but a clear vision will help lead the way.
    Collect Donations Give directly to ELI using the Donate button.

    Learn About Empowering Lives International

    Empowering Lives International is a Christian not-for-profit ministry working in East Africa. The Tanzania ministry is located near Mwanza and serves surrounding areas that struggle with access to clean water. In 2013, ELI trained a team of Tanzanians now called the Mighty Men Drillers, which was inspired by King David’s Mighty Men in 2 Samuel 23. The team is fully capable of all drilling services including: community mobilization, groundwater surveys, water drilling, pump installation, water tank construction, pump repair, and community follow up.

Free Resources

Make your mission moment a success!

Get a FREE Missions Moment Leader Guide with five daily activities to make it easy to bring Water For Tanzania to your VBS! You'll get videos, activities, and plenty of information to learn more about providing sustainable water in East Africa and other communities.

Free Resources

We're In This Together

To help our partner organization Empowering Lives International reach their 2024 goal, Concordia Supply donates to cover 100% of all overhead costs for the Tanzania ministry team. This means that 100% of your donation goes directly to clean water projects in Tanzania!

Make a Tippy Tap

During your Missions moment at VBS, we’ll encourage you to build your own handwashing station called a "Tippy Tap"! Follow the instructions in the video below, and get the supply lists and written instructions with our Free Missions Station Resource Kit! Tip: Watch until the end to see children using the Tippy Tap in Tanzania.

VBS Mission Project

VBS Mission Project


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