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Water For Tanzania

Water for Tanzania - VBS Mission Project 2024
Water For Tanzania

Make Water For Tanzania your VBS 2024 Project!

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Water for Tanzania Digital Mission Kit

Water for Tanzania Mission Kit

Get a FREE Missions Moment Leader Guide with five daily activities to make it easy to bring Water For Tanzania to your VBS! You'll get videos, activities, and plenty of information to learn more about providing sustainable water in East Africa and other communities.

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Water for Tanzania Digital Mission Kit

Water for Tanzania Kickstarter Pack

In this physical kit, you will find information about our program, our partners, as well as some fun extras to get you excited to start fundraising. Includes brochure, sticker sheet, bucket sticker, goal chart poster, and wristband.

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The Need
Girl in Tanzania carrying water with map

Kids are getting sick.

Kids in rural Tanzania typically get their water from hand-dug wells in river beds. This water source is shared with animals and used for bathing, cleaning and drinking. It's full of mud, bacteria and parasites, causing severe illnesses and even death.

Kids are missing school

Children and women are usually assigned to collect water, spending about 25% of their day walking to and from a hand-dug well. They carry buckets up to 50 lbs for miles and miles. Kids often miss out on time learning at school because they are collecting water, preventing them from the very education that can provide hope for their communities.

Water & Hygiene Changes Everything

Water alone is not enough. Lack of education in WASH (water and sanitation hygiene) contributes to about 700,000 child deaths every year, mainly in developing countries. The lack of proper sanitation and hand washing stations can prevent students from attending school and can spread sickness.

2.1 Billion

2.1 billion people worldwide lack access to safe water at home (WHO)

3.7 Miles

Women and children in the developing world walk an average of 3.7 miles (6km) per day to collect water (USAID)

570 Million

Nearly 570 million children lack access to basic drinking water at school (UNICEF)

Our Goal

Our Goal for VBS 2024

Complete 10 new solar-powered wells

$15 equals clean water for one person

$15,000 = 1 New Solar Powered Well

For $15,000, the Mighty Men Drillers can drill a solar powered well that provides clean water to a village of an average of 1,000 people. Your contribution can help make that goal a reality, providing thousands of children with safe drinking water and the opportunity to get an education.

In 2019, VBS programs at churches around the country joined together to raise over $132,000 to impact more than 12,000 people in Tanzania.

We're in This Together

To help Empowering Lives International meet their goals for 2024, Concordia Supply is committed to doubling your impact by matching all donations raised through this campaign.

Mighty Men Well Drilling Company Team Photo

Meet the Mighty Men Drilling Company

Empowering Lives Int'l (ELI) has brought real hope to thousands through drilling wells in Tanzania. ELI partners with Mighty Men Drilling Company. The name "Mighty Men" was inspired by David's Mighty Men in 2 Samuel 23 and was started by the staff of ELI Tanzania. ELI does not give hand outs but motivates the community to join together and contribute financially to their own well. Each is taken through a process which can take up to 12 months. The community forms a water committee and contributes toward the construction of their well, creating a sense of empowerment and ownership (most people in these communities live on less than $1/day.)

How You Can Help
Girl in Tanzania carrying water with map

Easy Fundraising in 3 Steps:

Step 1: Make Water for Tanzania your VBS 2024 Project!

Order the Water For Tanzania Project Pack, and download the FREE Digital Mission Kit for daily scripts, printable posters, and more resources.

Step 2: Collect Change at your VBS

Get a big bucket from your local hardware store and place a Water for Tanzania sticker (provided in the Project Pack!) on the bucket. Your kids can collect funds in the same bucket that Tanzanian kids collect water!

Step 3: Send Donations

Submit your donations to Empowering Lives International:

ELI Headquarters

ATTN: Water for Tanzania

PO Box 67

Upland, CA 91785

Water for Tanzania Photo Collage

VBS Mission Project

VBS Mission Project

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