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VBS Mission Project

Water for Tanzania: Safe water for every home, school, and clinic. Always.

Kids-Empowering-Kids 2023 Mission Project

Kids-Empowering-Kids is Concordia Supply's annual VBS Mission program! This year, we're partnering with Empowering Lives International with the campaign "Water For Tanzania" to raise money for clean water in Tanzania, Africa

Did you know? Nearly half of the kids on the planet woke up this morning to a world without water.

  • 2.1 billion people worldwide lack access to safe water at home. (WHO)
  • 3.7 Miles — Women and children in the developing world walk an average of 3.7 miles (6 km) per day to collect water. (USAID). After such an arduous chore, they may arrive late and tired at school. Being 'needed at home' is a major reason why children, especially girls from poor families, drop out of school. (UNICEF)
  • 570 million — Nearly 570 million children lack access to basic drinking water at school. (UNICEF)

You can reimagine a world where children everywhere have access to safe water.

How You Can Help

Our goal for VBS 2023 is to fully fund 10 new solar-powered wells! This will includes 5 new wells and 5 rehabilitated wells. Each well serves about 1000 people with a goal of giving 10,000 people clean water

  1. Make Water For Tanzania your VBS 2023 Project!
  2. Set a Fundraising goal — dream big
    • $15 provides one person with safe drinking water
    • $100 provides a family with safe drinking water
    • $1,500 provides 100 people with safe drinking water
    • $10,000 provides a village (about 1,000 people) with safe drinking water by fully funding the rehabilitation of a broken pump to a solar powered well
    • $15,000 provides a village (about 1,000 people) with safe drinking water by fully funding a new drilled solar powered well
  3. Use our Free Resources to lead a daily mission moment in your VBS rotations.
  4. Collect Donations here
Young boy in Tanzania

Free Resources

Make your mission moment a success! Get a FREE Missions Moment Leader Guide with five daily activities to make it easy to bring Water For Tanzania to your VBS! You'll get videos, activities, and plenty of information to learn more about providing sustainable water in East Africa and other communities.

Free Resources

We're In This Together

To help our partner organization Empowering Lives International reach their 2022 goal, Concordia Supply donates to cover 100% of all overhead costs for the Tanzania ministry team. This means that 100% of your donation goes directly to clean water projects in Tanzania!

How To Build A Tippy Tap

During your Missions moment at VBS, we’ll encourage you to build your own handwashing station called a "Tippy Tap"! Follow the instructions in the video below, and get the supply lists and written instructions with our Free Missions Station Resource Kit! Tip: Watch until the end to see children using the Tippy Tap in Tanzania.

VBS Mission Project

VBS Mission Project


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