Water4Africa - Your VBS Can Quench Thirst

VBS 2021 Mission Project

Join us and other churches as we raise money for water in Africa. Our key partner is Water4.

Nearly half of the kids on the planet woke up this morning to a world without water.

3.86 billion people alive today don't have access to safe water at home.

3.4 million The global water crisis claims 3.4 million lives per year, more than all forms of violence, including war.

2-3 hours Women and children without access to safe water spend 2-3 hours every day walking to collect water.

50 lbs A bucket of water weighs nearly 50 lbs.

You can reimagine a world where children everywhere have access to safe water

Your VBS can make tomorrow different by partnering with Water4 in their work to end the water crisis once and for all.

Join us as we lock arms with children in Africa to reimagine a world where the water crisis is history.

How You Can Help

With your help, we want to partner with Water4 to bring as many people as possible clean water throughout 12 African countries in 2021.

Provides safe water for one child

Provides safe water for one school

Provides safe water for one village

  1. Make Water4Africa your VBS 2020 project
  2. Set a Fundraising goal. Dream big!
  3. Use our Free Resources to lead a daily mission moment in your VBS rotations.
  4. Collect donations.Donate here or mail a check payable to Water4 at:


2405 NW 10th St

Oklahoma City, OK 73107

About Water4

Water4 exists to reimagine a world where all people have access to safe water by equipping local entrepreneurs in Africa to provide safe water to every home, school, and clinic in the countries where they work.

Learn more atWater4.org