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Fresh Palms

Celebrate Palm Sunday with a stunning bouquet of Fresh Palm Leaves and Palm Branches. Create beautiful arrangements with our authentic desert palms, just like those found in the Holy Land. Hand out Palm Leaves for Palm Sunday services to your congregation and guests. We are no longer accepting Fresh Palm orders. Fresh palms are out for the season.

Palm Crosses are still available!Order Now >

*Fresh Palms will arrive until 5-12 days before Palm Sunday. Available in the contiguous U.S. only.

**Fresh palms are not eligible for free shipping (see chart). Shipping charge applies to any quantity and assortment of fresh palm items.

Flat Rate Fresh Palm Shipping

Order on or before 3/21/19
$16 flat-rate shipping

Order after 3/21/19
$30 flat-rate shipping

Fresh Palm Strips & Branches

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