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Watch the Tutorial is a Vacation Bible School online registration tool that is easy and free. Create a custom website in minutes for parents and volunteers to register for your VBS.

Create a custom VBS web site with a web address unique to your church or event. No web skills required!

Allow volunteers and participants to register online. Customize registration forms and manage from a central place.

Build and send emails for promotion and follow-up.


Go to and click the orange "Create a My VBS account" button.
Instructions on how to build your website are below. You can also watch this tutorial on how to get started, which covers how to build your website. First, on the Home page, click the purple, "Build Your Site" button, or click "Website builder" in the top navigation. Next, select your VBS theme, and create your custom VBS website address. Then just fill out the fields, such as church name, first day of your VBS, etc. When you click the Submit Changes button, your website will be live!
Yes! Building a custom website for your VBS registrations is quick and easy with MyVBS. There are no design or coding skills needed, just simply add your VBS information and start collecting registrations immediately! It only takes 5 minutes!
Yes! All previous information and registrations are saved, just log in with your username and password.
MyVBS is absolutely FREE!
Once you’ve had kids and volunteers register for VBS, you can quickly send group emails to everyone who has registered. Remind attendees of the date, time, or special instructions for VBS.
Yes! It’s easy to change your theme in the profile manager.
Contact Concordia Supply at 800-521-0751 or
Simply click on “Forgot Password?”, instructions will be emailed to you so you can reset your password.
Yes! It’s easy to download your information into an Excel spreadsheet.
You can upload all the forms your attendees will need. Then, during the registration process, attendees can download the form.
Yes! You can create classes, crews, and/or groups. Once students and volunteers are registered you can then assign those students, and volunteers to these various groups you created. You can also assign a volunteer/leader for each group.

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