Gospel Light Sunday School

Pointing Kids Towards Jesus
Gospel Light Sunday School strives to point kids towards Jesus when creating their Sunday School Curriculum and other Children's Ministry products. Explore all Gospel Light Sunday School has to offer. From Preschool ages through to Pre-Teen ages, their curriculum has been a trusted resource years.


Gospel Light’s passion is to bring God’s Word to kids in fun, easy-to-learn ways, based on a strong foundation in the Bible that gives kids godly values they can carry with them throughout their lives.

Most people begin their relationship with Jesus before the age of 12. That’s why we believe one of the most important things we can do is help elementary kids see Jesus in every story of the Bible and learn to trust Him in every area of their lives. So whether you are teaching from the Old Testament or New Testament, the Gospel Light Sunday School curriculum will help you point kids to Jesus every Sunday. Discover detailed information about the Gospel Light Scope and Sequence to the right!

Foundational Pillars for the Gospel Light Sunday School Curriculum

Based on the Bible

Successful children’s ministries teach the Bible in ways that are relevant to each age and stage of life and sensitive to the spiritual needs God has hardwired into all of us.

Values Relationships

Successful children’s ministries recognize that spiritual growth happens best in the context of close personal relationships. It’s about people leading other people to Jesus.

Offers a complete plan from Birth to Adulthood

Successful children’s ministries have a comprehensive plan from birth through adulthood. This plan must be sensitive to the spiritual seasons God has designed for all of us.

Focuses on Life Transformation

The goal of a successful children’s ministry is changed lives. Everything from the stories and activities to the music is designed to help teachers and leaders layer God’s truth into a child’s life in a life-transforming way.

Points kids to Jesus

It leads kids to Jesus. The Bible is one story- the story of Jesus. We believe that every story in the Bible points to Jesus. So should your ministry. Because nothing is more important than a person’s relationship with Jesus.


Give babies a first impression of God's love

Your nursery can provide more than just babysitting. Babies can learn too! Tap into the early development skills of babies and toddlers by communicating basic Bible truths in pictures and song. With Baby Beginnings® you will find all the resources you need to create a faith-filled nursery that ministers to all the needs of babies and toddlers. Nursery Smart Pages provides the training you need to recruit and develop quality helpers who will be blessed as they care for His little ones! It’s never too early to introduce children to Jesus!

With Gospel Light’s Baby Beginnings® you will
- Build on a child’s natural curiosity to help them take their first steps towards Jesus.
- Establish a foundation of trust between your church and parents.
- Learn how to develop and easily recruit quality nursery helpers.
- Engage infants and toddlers with age-appropriate visual and storytelling resources and specialty music.
- Have a two year program in one box!

Quick Facts

Age Levels: Newborn-36 Months
Scope & Sequence: 2 years
Format: Classroom
Reorder: Every 2 years


Baby Beginnings Nursery Kit

for ages Newborn-36 months

- Teacher Guide 0-18 Months
- Teacher Guide 18-36 Months
- Nursery Smart Pages with DVD
- I Love to Look! Bible Story Picture Cards (2 sets) (see detail below)
- Nursery Posters
- I Love to Sing! Music CDs

I Love to Look! Bible Story Picture Cards

Not sold separately - Only available in the Baby Beginnings Kit

Bring the Bible to life for babies and toddlers with these 12 colorful, sturdy Bible story picture cards. Each card includes a Bible story, a Bible verse, suggestions for talking about the picture and a story-related activity for toddlers and parents or caregivers to enjoy together. Two sets included in Baby Beginnings Nursery Kit. 5.5" x 8.5"

Card Cover
Card Inside

"We just loved the program. I think Baby Beginnings is a great way to bring the Word to toddlers and invite the nursery volunteers and parents into a loving, learning partnership."

Raylene Davis, Dana Point, CA


Gospel Light offers two distinct formats for preschoolers: Classroom Format and Children's Church Format:

Classroom Format

If you can play, you can teach preschoolers to love Jesus

Play with your preschoolers with a higher purpose! Giggle and wiggle. Run and sing. This is the wonderful world of preschoolers. So how do we teach these energetic little ones about Jesus? We let them play while they learn. Kids will delight in the games, drama, art, music, storytelling and puppets as they learn about God's Word adn how to apply it to their daily lives. It's as simple as Play. Listen. Talk.


Quick Facts

2 Age Levels: Preschool & Pre-K/Kinder
Scope & Sequence: 2 years
Format: Classroom
Kit Materials: 10 kids & 1 teacher
Reorder: Quarterly

Children's Church Format

Anytime solutions for preschoolers that are fun and flexible.

Each Little KidsTime™ program gives you a full year’s worth of solid Bible content in one box! This reproducible year-in-a-box program uses our simple three-step teaching method: Play. Listen. Talk. Use these stand-alone programs for second hour, children’s church, mid-week or any time you have a group of young kids. Combine it with Gospel Light Preschool Sunday School to reinforce what you are teaching in a fresh new way.

Kit 1
Kit 2

Quick Facts

1 Age Level: 2-5 years
Scope & Sequence: 2 years
Format: Children's Church
Reorder: Annually

"Before Gospel Light Preschool we never knew what to do with the boundless energy of our preschoolers. Now, with all of the great lessons and activities we are able to play our way to giving kids a first impression of our loving Savior, Jesus Christ."

Barb Gunner, Columbus, OH


Help elementary kids find Jesus in every Bible story.

Every story in the Bible points to Jesus; so should your Sunday School. Most people make a decision to follow Jesus during their elementary years. That’s why we believe one of the most important things we can do is help elementary kids see Jesus in every story of the Bible and learn to trust Him in every area of their lives. Each week, whether you are sharing a Bible story from the Old or New Testament, Elementary Sunday School will show you how all of the Bible leads us to Jesus. Because nothing is more important than a child’s relationship with Jesus.

With Gospel Light's Elementary Sunday School you will
- Help children, parents and leaders discover Jesus throughout the entire Bible.
- Layer God's truth into a child in a life-transforming way through fun adn engaging, easy-to-prepare lessons and activities.
- Recruit and develop qualified teachers with weekly teacher training tips.
- Connect church and home through included take home papers
- Have everything you need for 10 kids and 1 teacher.

Quick Facts

2 Age Levels: Grades 1 & 2, Grades 3 & 4
Format: Classroom
Scope & Sequence: 4 years
Kit Materials: 10 kids and 1 teacher
Reorder: Quarterly


Elementary Classroom Kits

1-2 Grade Kit, 3-4 Grade Kit

- Teacher Guide with Reproducible CD
- Family Fridge Fun (enough for 10 families)
- Kid Talk Cards (enough for 10 kids)
- Poster Pack (14 posters)
- Get Going Worship CDs

With Gospel Light Sunday School, even our adults are learning to find Jesus throughout the Bible. We never thought a kids' curriculum would have such an impact on our own faith. The kids love it because the teachers love it.

Nancy Bergman, San Antonio, TX


Lead preteens in building an unshakable faith.

Help preteens live like Jesus, even in the face of peer pressure. Preteens are more than just older elementary kids. Anyone who has worked with preteens knows they have unique spiritual needs and present unique teaching challenges. Gospel Light Preteen Sunday School gives teachers the edge in meeting the challenge of teaching at this crucial time of life. The Edge is designed to help teachers develop meaningful mentoring relationships that will lead to a strong foundation of faith.

With Gospel Light's Preteen Sunday School you will
- Help teachers and volunteers develop meaningful mentoring relationships with students atht will lead to a strong foundation of faith.
- Help preteens dicover what the Bible really says about popularity, success, failure, integrity, friendship and more.
- Help preteens develop Bible study skills, grow in Christian maturity and respond by serving Jesus in the church and their community.

Quick Facts

1 Age Level: Grades 5 & 6
Format: Classroom
Scope & Sequence: 2 years
Kit Materials: 10 kids and 1 teacher
Reorder: Quarterly


Preteen Classroom Kit

The Edge: Grades 5 & 6

- Teacher Guide
- 10 Student Guides
- Get the Edge Comics (enough for 10 kids)
- Visual Edge Poster Pack
- Sonic Edge Music CDs

We knew that in order to have impact on preteens we needed to build relationships with them, but many of our teachers didn’t know where to begin. We chose Gospel Light Preteen Sunday School because it gives our teachers all of the tools they need to build life-changing relationships with preteens.

Jim Stefflebeam, Minneapolis, MN