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Communion Supplies

Provide a Great Communion Experience

Browse the top communion brands and products to provide your congregation with the best possible communion experience.

Communion Supplies

Browse the top communion brands and products meticulously selected to enhance your communion service experience. We offer the best selection of communion cups, trays, bread, and wafers to elevate your ceremony and create a deeply meaningful atmosphere.

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Top Communion Cups

Browse the top communion cup brands. The TrueVine Chalice remains the #1 choice because of it's easy-to-open design and great-tasting ingredients.

TrueVine Chalice

#1 Communion Cup

This easy to hold design and top & bottom seal, makes the chalice the #1 choice for Churches.

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TrueVine Cup

Perfect For Trays

With the same top & bottom seal as the TrueVine Chalice, this cup is designed to fit in communion trays and pew holders.

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TrueVine Economy

Budget Friendly

With the seal on the top, this amazing option offers affordability while still maintaining a high-quality taste.

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Fellowship Cup

A recognizable choice by many, this cup offers a top opening seal for both wafer and juice.

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Order an 8-piece Sample Pack to try with your team and see why it's different. We truly believe you and your congregation will appreciate it.

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Communion Supplies

Communion Supplies

Communion supplies for your church and ministry. Concordia supply is proud to provide the best collection of supplies for your services. We try to offer the best communion cups, trays, communion bread and wafers. We have a heart for the church and want your congregation to have a great communion experience. So whether you are shopping for your trusted brand of communion cups or looking for a new alternative, we have options to serve you.  Please to call our team discuss your communion needs or questions. We are the experts on communion cups, bread, and wafers. 


We are the exclusive  distributor of TrueVine Communion brand products and work diligently to produce the highest quality cups for your congregation each and every Sunday.. 


At Concordia Supply, it is our mission to equip churches and ministry leaders with high-quality Christian resources that transform lives for Christ.