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Concordia Supply Privacy Policy

We take your privacy and data protection seriously. Personal information is kept confidential and uses the best security standards. We use secure domain with High-Grade SSL encryption. 
We never sell, rent, or share your information with other companies for marketing purposes. 
We have been in business since 1949 and value you inidividual and church information. See more details below on our privacy policy. 

Information We Gather

Web Visitors: We gather high-level, non-descriptive, and non-identifying information from web visitors such as the web pages visited, items looked at, added to cart, etc. We actively work to to comply with website best practice and standards.


Customer Information: When you checkout we ask customers for basic information such as name, address, phone number, email etc. This information is gathered only on checkout or other customer initiated contact with our website.


How We Use the Information
We use this information to enhance the visitor experience on our website. This website data and other customer information is NEVER shared with any unrelated third parties, except where required by law. Concordia Supply NEVER sells, shares, or rents information in our database. It is solely kept in confidence for Concordia Supply use only.


The People That Are Given Access To This Information
Your basic customer information is accessible only by the Concordia Supply Co. Inc. administrative staff. Credit card payment information details are not visible to anyone, it is encrypted before being transmitted over internet using a High-Grade SSL encryption.


The Security Measures We Have In Place To Protect Your Personal Information
To safeguard your personal information, we only store your information in our encrypted and password protected database. Any payment information (i.e. credit cards) that is stored is encrypted and NOT visible to any staff, administrators, or third parties.


Our Use Of Cookies
Our website makes use of cookies which are small digital files that are stored in your web browser that enable us to track your return visits to our website. Your browser settings may allow you to block these cookies, but we recommend you have them enabled to help us personalize your experience of our website.  When you visit or log in to our website, cookies and similar technologies may be used by our online data partners to associate these activities with your email. We may then send communications and marketing to these emails. You may opt out of receiving this advertising by visiting



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Our Mission

At Concordia Supply, it is our mission to equip churches and ministry leaders with high-quality Christian resources that transform lives for Christ.