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Camp Firelight VBS 2024

A Summer Camp Adventure with God by Cokesbury VBS

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Camp Firelight VBS 2024

A Summer Camp Adventure with God by Cokesbury VBS

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Your Camp Firelight Ultimate Starter Kit Includes:

  • Director Guide and 9 Leader Guide
  • Student Book Samples
  • Physical Copies of media items (CDs, DVDs)
  • Sample Promotional Items
  • Sample Scripture Lanyard
  • Digital Content Download Card with information on accessing the digital files

Also available, Digital Access Kit

Cokesbury VBS is designed to introduce a child to a deeper relationship with God through Jesus Christ

Each activity is developed, tested, and refined to be an engaging, age-appropriate experience to bring the Word of God alive to every participant and volunteer. Cokesbury VBS is based on the Bible and the gospel of the living Christ.

What We Love: This VBS program focuses on engaging kids with Bible stories through interactive activities, including puppet skits, adventure videos, and creative, eco-friendly crafts that reinforce the lessons learned. Each element, from the opening assembly to the craft station, aims to help children remember and connect with the Bible stories and key verses.

Theme Overview

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It's time for a summer camp adventure with God! Explore timeless Bible stories that demonstrate how people trusted God in the face of their own fears and went on to do great things in God's name.

We Love How: Kids will learn ways they can put their trust in God when they are afraid, challenged, or called to do God's work and share the Good News of God's love through Jesus Christ.

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How Cokesbury Does...


Choose from pre-packed, DIY, or science projects for younger and older students to get crafty.


Use the Lumen puppet assembly scripts and Adventure Video DVD for opening and closing each day.


A digital download card with access code is included in the Ultimate Starter Kit.


Decorating is easy with poster packs, murals, and a decorating CD with clip art and more.


T-shirts, iron-ons, and theme-inspired wearables available for leaders and students.


Camp Firelight's Mission rotation includes a variety of creative ways students can be a witness in their community.

Key Items for Camp Firelight

Theme Verse

During each assembly session, Campers join first-time camp counselor Sam and Lu (short for Lumen), the lightning bug puppet, and learn to face their fears while trusting in God. Each day, Campers see Counselor Sam face new challenges, from as simple as leading Campers on a hike to as intimidating as meeting a new and wise nature expert. With the help of Lu the Lightning Bug and the Camp Counselor Guidebook, Counselor Sam and our Campers explore timeless Bible stories that show how Old and New Testament Campers trusted God in the face of their own fears and went on to do great things in God's name.

Through these stories, this program will teach us about people in the Bible who experienced the gift of a trusting relationship with God. In addition, it will teach us to trust that God will go with us, lead the way, share wisdom, to give us peace, and spark joy as we celebrate the good news of Jesus in our own lives and in the lives of others. We will also learn ways we can connect with and put our trust in God whenever we are afraid, challenged, or called to do God's work in the world and share the Good News of God's love through Jesus Christ.

Bible Content


We're here to make decorating VBS as easy as possible! Watch the Decorating Video and see how fun and easy it is to turn your facility into an awesome summer camp!

Camp Firelight VBS 2024 Decorating


How it Works

Camp Firelight Rotations Camp Firelight Rotations


New music to help us overcome fear and trust God!

Camp Firelight (Theme Song)

Trust in You

Where You Lead

Peace Sweet Peace

Trust and Follow You

Firelight Chant

Go Go Go With Us


Beautiful Day

What Trust Looks Like

Free Tools

Camp Firelight Free Tools

Free Logos, clipart, samples, and more

Planning and pulling off your Camp Firelight VBS event is easy all these free extra resources.

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Camp Firelight VBS 2024 by Cokesbury

Camp Firelight VBS 2024 by Cokesbury

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