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Create a foundation of faith that lasts a lifetime

Weaving Faith into Today's Families

A Sunday School for Today's Families! With Faithweaver Now explore the same scripture passages each week in age-appropriate classes. Weaving together a families journey in faith, so they can grow individually and together. Discover this Group Sunday School curriculum today!


Three Ministry Elements Woven Together to Create a Lasting Impact

Explore the Bible Every 3 Years

Children experience the Bible in new ways, covering the Old and New Testaments every three years. Unique learning experiences cement a deep understanding of the Bible and how it applies to their lives.

Engage kids through proven, Jesus-style teaching methods

FaithWeaver broke the mold of traditional Sunday school. Instead of hearing mundane lectures, kids build relationships that impact their faith for a lifetime.

Empower family conversation by synchronizing all age levels

As each age level learns the same Bible point, families are united in placing God at the center of their busy lives. Amidst the chaos of everyday living, FaithWeaver NOW brings peace, joy, and hope to children and their families.

Proven Teaching Methods. Time-Tested Results.

The teaching methods behind FaithWeaver NOW have become the most trusted and time-tested in children’s ministry…and this classic curriculum continues to impact a new generation of families today.

This FaithWeaver NOW Group Sunday School curriculum is a quarterly, age-graded curriculum for infants through adults. The three-year scope & sequence covers the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation. Each quarter goes through 13 sequential Bible events so families get a snapshot of the Bible timeline.

10 Age Levels
Classroom Setting
Scope & Sequence
3 Years Download >
60-65 Minutes

Unique Age-Appropriate Experiences for Every Level

FaithWeaver NOW was developed with the understanding of the cognitive, social, mental, emotional, physical, and—more importantly—spiritual development of students at every age level.

1. Get Started

Each week as students arrive, they're engaged in age-appropriate activities that help them experience the lesson point in fresh, fun, and meaningful ways.

2. Explore Bible

Whether they are studying the Old or the New Testament, students use interactive learning in every lesson to take them past head knowledge of the Bible to heart-change and life-change.

3. Weave Faith

Learners of all ages discover the adventure of applying God's truth to everyday life by doing fun, surprising activities.

4. Family Time

Take-home resources spark faith conversations with families all week long!

How it Works

Tested & Approved by Thousands of Churches & Families

10 age levels (Infants-Adult) so the entire family can study the same Bible passage at the same time.


Memorable Songs & Dramatic Audio Enrich Every Lesson

Powerful music, audio dramas and sound effects deepen the emotional impact of lessons for infants through elementary age levels.

Pricing & Ordering

The FaithWeaver NOW Teacher Pack makes it a snap to lead with engaging, age-appropriate lessons. You’ll need one Teacher Pack for each graded classroom. Each Teacher Pack includes one Teacher Guide (with activation code for free digital version). You'll also need to purchase one Student Book per student (available for Infants through Adult). Additional Teacher Guides and CDs are available.

Ask About Our Curriculum "Auto-Reorder" Benefits

To make it even easier for you, we offer an "Auto-Reorder" program. Which gives you the best discounts, priority delivery, 100% return privileges, and a church invoice/billing option.

Quick overview of how it works: About 2 months before the next quarter begins, we email you a copy of your next order, and give you a couple weeks to make any changes if necessary, we then process and send it out automatically.