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Advent Candles

You'll find the largest selection of Advent candle styles, sizes, and colors at the lowest price. Explore Advent candle wreaths to fit each candle size (Pillar, Taper, or Church Candles).

Advent Candles

Advent Candles

Most Popular Advent Supplies

Advent Candles

1½" Advent Candles

Advent Pillar Candles

3" Advent Pillar Candles

Advent Taper Candles

⅞" Advent Taper Candles

Wreaths & Holders

Wreaths & Holders

Best-Selling Taper Advent Candles & Wreaths

Advent Taper Candles are ⅞" in diameter and our most common Advent candles. Used in both church and home settings

Best-Selling 1½" Advent Candles & Wreaths

Best-Selling 3" Advent Pillar Candles & Wreaths

3" Advent Pillar Candles are available in multiple color options, including rose, purple, and white.


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