17" x 1.5" Stearic Advent Candles (3 Blue - 1 Rose)

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    Product Description

    Stearic Advent Candle Set 
    ( 3 Blue, 1 Rose)
    By Emkay

    This beautiful Church Candle Set comes complete with four 17" x 1 1/2" stearic candles.

    Advent: The Arrival of the King

    This year, churches around the world will begin celebrating Advent starting November 28. It is a profound season beloved by many, but more profound still is the meaning behind these time-tested traditions.

    Product Details

    Weight7 lbs.
    Size16" Candle

    How Big is the Candle?

    Each candle is either 12", 16", 17" with a 1½" diameter base.

    Should I use Stearic or Beeswax?

    *Actual colors of candles may vary slightly

    Stearic vs. Beeswax: What's the Difference?

    Stearic Candles are made with parrafin wax and stearine which is a very effective wax modifier that has been used in candle making for over 150 years. They are most common because of their lower price point and adequate for most uses.

    Beeswax Candles are the highest quality in candles. The advantage of candles made with beeswax is that they burn more cleanly (less dripping wax) and burn more slowly extending the life of the candle.


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    What company makes the Stearic Advent candles? Thanks, Katnleen
    These candles are manufactured by Emkay Candles.
    By Concordia Team


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