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9" x 3" Advent Pillar Candles (4 Blue) by Emkay

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Purple & Rose Purple Blue

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  • Not designed for use with Brass Followers. Please see burning instruction below:
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Four self-standing 9" x 3" Advent Pillar Candles in a matched set. No fixture is required. Candles are ideal for the large Advent Wreath displays seen in churches and schools. Complete set is packed in a self-mailer corrugated carton.

Burning Instructions:
When the candle is extinguished and is still warm and pliable, this “cup” should be carefully folded inward without breaking the outer seal. This should be done during the entire usage of the candle. If this is not done, the candle will typically tunnel and the flame will not be seen. This is standard procedure for burning a pillar.

A brass follower will cause unnecessary heat buildup which can cause the seal to be broken between the liquid of the candle and the follower (which is now the cup) allowing wax to run down the sides essentially gutting the candle if not caught in time.

A functioning follower is used on candles that do not form a cup while burning on their own, i.e. Beeswax candles.

1166 series has replaced the 1155 and 1157 series Advent Pillar Candles

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9" Candle
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What are pillar candles?

Made especially for church Advent displays with rich colors and a brighter, longer-burning flame. Various lengths from 6"-12" available.

Four self-standing pillar candles, ideal for large Advent wreath displays on altars, tables, or stage.

Advent: The Arrival of the King

This year, churches around the world will begin celebrating Advent starting November 28. It is a profound season beloved by many, but more profound still is the meaning behind these time-tested traditions.

How Big is the Candle?

Each candle is either 6", 9", 12" long with a 3" or 4" diameter base.

Pillar Candle Size Comparison

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