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Stellar Christmas 2023

Shine Jesus' Light!

Stellar Logo
Stellar Logo

Stellar Christmas 2023

Shine Jesus' Light!

Event Overview

Shine Jesus' light at Stellar Christmas!

At Stellar Christmas, children are the stars!

Stellar Christmas will welcome kids to retell the story of Christmas as the stars who were twinkling away the night Jesus was born. Incorporating Bible Memory Buddies, music from Group's Stellar VBS, and some well-known carols, Stellar Christmas will reignite the energy and delight of summertime VBS at your church!

Perfect for any size church!

Use this 60-minute program as a children's Christmas pageant or a fun-filled Christmas event that welcomes new and familiar faces back from Stellar VBS!

It's so easy! Leaders will love Stellar Christmas...

Directed by One Leader

No memorization or rehearsals necessary: kids can pantomime as the Host directs!

Comes with a director guide and script, music videos, audio tracks, and image files

One Host, a few volunteers, and no rehearsal necessary! Costume ideas are included in the Director Guide/Leader Manual

Brings summer VBS families back to your church for Christmas

How it Works

Lights, camera, action!

Stellar Christmas is an out-of-this-world interactive Christmas pageant!

Complete with 8 scenes of music, fun, and twinkling stars! Prepare for lots of merry music and memorable moments as you celebrate Jesus — the Light of the world!

"Kids hop onstage, and audience members play a part too! It's the most unusual Christmas pageant ever because we're celebrating the unusual way God came to the world – as a baby...And that's pretty stellar!"


Scene 1


The Host explains how this Christmas program will be out-of-this-world & invites kids to the stage.

Twinkle, Twinkle

Scene 2

Twinkle, Twinkle (ideal for preschoolers)

Preschoolers' time to shine as they sing a Twinkle, Twinkle Welcome Song.

When Life Feels Dark

Scene 3

When Life Feels Dark...Shine Jesus' Light!

Connects to what life was like for God's people before Jesus came & why the world needed a Rescuer.

When People Don't Get Along

Scene 4

When People Don't Get Along...Shine Jesus' Light!

Connects to the Roman government who weren't very kind & demanded that people return to their hometown to be taxed.

When Good Things Happen

Scene 5

When Good Things Happen...Shine Jesus' Light!

Celebrates that Jesus was born!

When People Are Sad

Scene 6

When People are Sad...Shine Jesus' Light!

Talks about how Jesus came to be our Immanuel. That means that God is with us and knows what it's like to be a human and feel all the things we feel — including sadness.

When People Need Help

Scene 7

When People Need Help...Shine Jesus' Light!

Talks about how the shepherds helped spread the word about Jesus' birth.

Let It Shine

Scene 8

Let It Shine!

Features a fresh and fun candlelight experience!


Music shines at Stellar Christmas!

One of the best parts about Stellar Christmas — praiseworthy music! Fun songs your kids will want to listen to again and again — sure to become a new family fave!


He Is the Light

Light of the World

O Little Town of Bethlehem

Hark The Herald Angels Sing

God of the Stars

Shine His Light

Turn Your Eyes

This Little Light of Mine

Stellar Christmas Starter Kit

A Digital Download Christmas Event!

One of the best parts about Stellar Christmas — praiseworthy music! Fun songs your kids will want to listen to again and again — sure to become a new family fave!

Digital Starter Kit

This digital download has ALL the script and media components you'll need to put on a show!

  • Stellar Christmas Director Guide and script
  • Music videos (with actions and lyrics everyone will sing along with)
  • Full music audio tracks (featuring voices to sing along with)
  • Instrumental music audio tracks (instrumental-only tracks so your stellar kids’ choir can shine!)
  • Image files to show on screens (Includes Stellar Christmas logo and Bible Memory Buddy art.)
Order Digital Event Kit

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Ordering extras for your Christmas event is easy!

These items will really make your Stellar Christmas shine.

Stellar Christmas stage decorating sample


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long is Stellar Christmas from start to finish?
    Stellar Christmas will take about 60 minutes. That includes 9 songs that add up to about 30 minutes. 7 songs are from Stellar VBS, the other 2 are traditional Christmas Carols.
  • Are kids performing for parents or each other? Do you need adults during the play too?
    Stellar Christmas is a Christmas event for your whole church family! Kids are welcomed onstage, while parents and other members of your church family join the fun from their seats in your sanctuary, auditorium, or wherever you wish to hold Stellar Christmas. You'll need one adult Host who guides the whole program, and a few readers to read some verses from the Bible throughout. We also recommend recruiting 2-3 other volunteers to help select and direct kids throughout.
  • How many parts? How many actors are needed?
    There is 1 main speaking part: The Host. Could be you, your pastor, or another confident and friendly leader, There are 5 non-speaking kids' parts. Cosmo, Ringo, Luna, Sol, and Ringo. One is featured in each scene, and they pantomime as directed by the Host. There are 3 additional Readers who read verses from the Bible. Could invite preteens, teens, parents, grandparents, or even assign kids to memorize. Whatever you wish!
  • How many songs are included?
    9 songs. 7 are from Stellar VBS and 2 are traditional Christmas songs. We also created a special scene for preschoolers to go onstage and sing their “Twinkle, Twinkle” welcome song from Stellar VBS. It’s quick and easy to catch on to!
    • Shine
    • He is the Light
    • Light of the World
    • O Little Town of Bethlehem
    • Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
    • God of the Stars
    • Shine His Light
    • Turn Your Eyes
    • This Little Light of Mine
  • Do you need to practice beforehand?
    No. But you could if you want to prepare kids a little more, so they feel comfortable and know what to do.
  • How many volunteers are needed?
    3-4, plus folks to run tech and sound.
  • Can they choose to act it out or could pantomime work?
    It works as an instant pageant!

Stellar Christmas 2023

Stellar Christmas 2023

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