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Returning to the Value of Life

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Zoomerang VBS 2022 Starter Kit

Your Super Starter Kit Plus Digital Pro Includes:

This Super Starter Kit includes all the basics you need to plan an amazing VBS, plus more. This is a physical kit that includes leader guides, music and samples of the following: student books, posters, student items, and exciting extras, as well as access to the Digital Pro online portal.

This Starter Kit includes the Director Guide and accompanying Digital Resources and graphics so you have everything you need to coordinate and administer an amazing VBS outreach! The kit also includes Rotation signs and a collection of promotional flyers, postcards, and invitations to make inviting families to VBS easier than ever.

This starter kit includes a teacher guide, Memory Verse poster set, and Teaching Illustration Posters set for each age group. You'll also get the Animal Pal posters and the Resource USB, which features all printable items referenced throughout the leader guides, plus promotional videos, Creature Feature videos, mission moment videos, and short animations.

This starter kit includes both traditional and contemporary music. Access music via the Music USB that includes lyric videos, hand motion videos, MP3s, printable lyrics, presentation images, and more! Music also available in the Digital Pro online portal.

Samples include each age group's Student Guide, Adventure Journal, plus the How Can I Become a Child of God booklet and the Discovering the Value of Life booklet. You can also explore these student extras: coin set, wristband, Australia Map and stickers, Scratch art set, Koala foam toy, Fearfully and Wonderfully made card set, kangaroo mask cutout, fabric backpack, and more!

This is an online portal for registration, promotion, volunteer coordination, and downloadable copies of leader guides, music, and videos. Access on any device where WIFI is available.

Zoomerang VBS CatalogZoomerang VBS Catalog

Top Zoomerang Supplies

Daily Bible Lesson Content

Kangaroo Jack

Day 1: The Beginning of Life

Bible Passages

Genesis 1:26-28, Genesis 2:7-23

Land Down Under Lesson Focus

The Creator of the universe created you! You didn’t evolve from an ape-like creature.

Fair Dinkum Verses

Genesis 1:27

Apologetics Focus

They can't make a monkey out of me! (Ape-men Frauds)

Turtle-y Terrific Science & Crafts

Science: Bonzer Boomerang & Flipped Constellations; Crafts: Rockin' Dot Art & Hop-a-Shot

Top Koala-ty Treats

Outbreak Hat & Funky Monkey

Hoppin' Good Games

Jumpin' for Jesus; Aussie Rules

Cool Contests

Guessing Game

Animal Pal

Jumpin' Jack the Kangaroo


Day 2: The Wonder of Life

Bible Passages

Psalm 139:13-16

Land Down Under Lesson Focus

You are fearfully and wonderfully made, with a body full of awe-inspiring design features.

Fair Dinkum Verses

Psalm 139:14

Apologetics Focus

God thought of everything! (Design Features of our Bodies)

Turtle-y Terrific Science & Crafts

Science: Pick Your Brain & Making Sense of Senses; Crafts: Crocs and Kangas Fitness Game & Manta Ray Bookmark

Top Koala-ty Treats

Coral Cup & Thumbprint Cookie

Hoppin' Good Games

PS139 Obstacle Course Reef Thief

Cool Contests

Team Cheers

Animal Pal

Shimmer the Coral

Platypus Bill

Day 3: The Value of Life

Bible Passages

Matthew 1-2

Land Down Under Lesson Focus

God values you greatly! Each and every person—young, old, healthy, sick—is a priceless treasure.

Fair Dinkum Verses

Luke 6:31

Apologetics Focus

Be a defender of the defenseless! (Protecting and respecting life)

Turtle-y Terrific Science & Crafts

Science: Breathtaking Lung Model & Blood Sample; Crafts: Life Is Precious Photo Frame & Playful Platypus

Top Koala-ty Treats

Celebration Cake & Baby in a Blanket

Hoppin' Good Games

King of the Court; Let Me Help You

Cool Contests

Dress-Up Day

Animal Pal

Bill the Platypus

Koala Paula

Day 4: Eternal Life

Bible Passages

Select Scriptures

Land Down Under Lesson Focus

God loves you! He loves you so much that he sent his only Son to die for you!

Fair Dinkum Verses

John 11:25

Apologetics Focus

SMYLE! God loves you! (Only one way to eternal life)

Turtle-y Terrific Science & Crafts

Science: Take Heart Model & Stellar Stethoscope & Toothpick Heartbeat; Crafts: Southern Cross Ornament & Koala Case

Top Koala-ty Treats

SMYLE! Pizza & Koala-fied Cookie

Hoppin' Good Games

SMYLE Kickball; Animal Pal Dash

Cool Contests

Bible Verse Challenge

Animal Pal

Paula the Koala

Dingo Ringo

Day 5: Using Your Life

Bible Passages

Acts 1:6-11; 1 Corinthians 12:12-26

Land Down Under Lesson Focus

You are created on purpose for a purpose!

Fair Dinkum Verses

Ephesians 2:10

Apologetics Focus

All I want to do is live each day for you! (Life has meaning and purpose)

Turtle-y Terrific Science & Crafts

Science: Mining Cereal & Fabulous Fingerprints; Crafts: Straya Sun Pillow & Clay Echidna

Top Koala-ty Treats

Dingo Puppy Chow & Boomerang Bread

Hoppin' Good Games

Teamwork Towers; Dingo Rescue

Cool Contests

Mission Money Mania

Animal Pal

Ringo the Dingo

Theme Overview

From the minute your mates step off the plane onto Australian soil, they will find themselves on a trip themselves on a trip they'll never forget!

The day begins at the Aussie Assembly, the thrilling opening complete with entertaining welcomes, "aus-some" songs, a mission moment, and prayer. Then we're off to four fun rotation sites:


Land Down Under Lessons

During the lesson time, our mates will unearth the value and wonder of all life created by God and for God.


Top Koala-ty Treats

Mates will enjoy delicious “tucker” (food) at this much-anticipated stop.


Hoppin' Good Games

At this location, mates 'av a go (put in a good effort) at fun land and sea challenges or have a blast working as teams and trying out various physical challenges.


Turtle-y Terrific Science & Crafts

Electrifying science experiments to explore, creative crafts to invent, high-energy songs to sing, fun memory verse games to play.

After finishing the day's rotations, everyone heads back to the Aussie Assembly for the closing that includes more singing, a creature feature, contest results, and the greatly anticipated daily drama.


Zoomerang RotationsZoomerang Rotations

Student Items

These key student items aren't just fun—they share the gospel and key Bible truths!


Zoomerang gives you tons of options for DIY crafts and science projects! But if you want some easy-to-do crafts, look no further than these three:



Zoomerang(Theme Song) | Watch

Do You Not Know?

Wonderfully Made


One Way


Take My Life


Zoomerang(Theme Song)

Made by the Father

Fearfully & Wonderfully Made

You Can't Make a Monkey Out of Me

The Greatest Story Ever Told

Servant's Heart

Building the Kingdom


Transform Your Church into the Land Down Under!

We love how Zoomerang brings kids to Australia's quirky creatures and stunning landscapes!

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