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Be Bold Fearless Preteen Curriculum Be Bold Fearless Preteen Curriculum

BE BOLD Sunday School by Group

Fearless Preteen Curriculum

BE BOLD gives your preteens exactly what they need—validation of their faith questions, and a place to connect as they explore those questions together. And we'll guide you every step of the way as you become their conversation guide...and fellow explorer.

We asked preteens what questions they had about their faith...

They had plenty — including some real mind-benders. Questions about God. About themselves. About where they fit in the world.

Developmentally, your preteens are on the edge physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. They’re deciding what they believe. They have faith questions that can’t be answered with simple fill-in-the-blank answers. One preteen said it this way:

"Why can’t we ask hard questions at church? Why can’t someone help me understand?"

We can't ignore their questions! The questions won't go away. But the kids might, if they are not taken seriously.

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Teaching preteens can be challenging.

They want to talk about faith but may lack the confidence to jump in. They're eager to connect and make a difference but aren't sure how. BE BOLD helps teachers navigate those waters by facilitating meaningful discussion and Bible exploration. Here's how you and your preteens will BE BOLD:

Bold Leadership

It's not about having all the answers—it's about being willing to listen to kids and explore what Scripture has to say. BE BOLD makes it easy. Simply guide your kids in discussion. We'll lead you every step of the way.

Bold Discussion

Preteens are at a pivotal point in their faith and wrestling with what they believe. That's why BE BOLD tackles faith questions head-on...even when the answers aren't clear.

Bold Action

BE BOLD turns questions into action and helps kids make a difference. When preteens experience the impact of faith in action, many uncertainties become clear.

Each week you'll tackle a different question that reflects what preteens want to know and need to know.

There's always Bible exploration and a core Bible truth. And your kids will always put what they've learned into action during your meeting time.


Be Bold Curriculum at a Glance

  • 1 Age Level: Grades 4-6
  • Format: Age-graded Classroom
  • Scope & Sequence: 6-Quarter, Undated Download >
  • Length: 30-60 Minutes

BE BOLD helps preteens find acceptance and grow from there

Move your kids from Acceptance > Asking > Action



Each class opens by reminding kids that they — and their struggles — are accepted and welcome.



Kids explore a tough faith question, diving into the Bible to see what God has to say.



Kids make a difference by completing a service activity tied to what they discussed.


An Environment for Growing Faith

Preteens need more than a place to ask questions—they need a community. That’s why BE BOLD is built around the following values:

  • You're accepted just as you are
  • We respect each other’s thoughts and struggles
  • We’re all in this together
  • God is here, ready to be your friend because you matter

We suggest you and your preteens recite this from the Values Poster each week to re-affirm the environment you are creating.

BE BOLD is high-touch, not high-tech.

Why: Preteens are inundated with technology but starving for relationship. BE BOLD isn’t about learning from a screen—it’s learning through interaction and exploration. It’s real, simple, and genuine.

BE BOLD is welcoming to questions, not afraid of the unknown.

Why: It takes courage to admit that you have questions about faith—and to learn that questions are a good thing! By creating a safe environment for questions, BE BOLD helps kids draw closer to God.

BE BOLD is discussion, not fill-in-the-blank answers.

Why: Some questions about faith don’t have clear answers. The important thing is to learn how to explore what the Bible DOES say, and come to conclusions through discussion and Bible exploration.

BE BOLD is empathetic, not condescending.

Why: Preteens are at a developmental stage where they see the world has big problems—and faith is more complicated than they thought. Their questioning is what allows preteens to own their faith.

BE BOLD takes preteens seriously and embraces the chance to learn and grow with them.

Just for Teachers

Some BE BOLD questions are doozies, but we can’t ignore them. Left unaddressed, they become faith blockers, and kids can get stuck in their faith journey.

Here’s the good news: You don’t have to have all the answers. In fact, if you pretend you do, your kids will see straight through you. BE BOLD helps you shift from teacher to facilitator. You’ll learn how to guide important conversations, with Bible exploration taking front and center.

As a BE BOLD leader, you get tons of support and helpful tools...

  • Teacher resources, including quick “now what?” teacher-tip videos
  • Admission to an exclusive Facebook community where you can ask peers for advice
  • A feedback loop so we can stay in touch about your class’ discussions
  • Prayer support as you invest in the lives of preteens

Just for Students

Illustrated Bold Action Student Book

Illustrated Bold Action Student Book

Lessons rely heavily on the Student Book.

In this unique student workbook, kids are asked to cut, draw, fold, crumple, and craft—turning these pages into one-of-a-kind creations. Step-by-step instructions make life easy for you. So does having most of your class supplies tucked between the covers of student workbooks!

By the end of each quarter, kids will have a series of colorful creations they’ve taken home to share with others.

Weekly Mystery Missions

Weekly Mystery Missions

When you have an adventure with Jesus, you build an unshakable faith foundation. That’s why BE BOLD includes Mystery Missions: Every week, preteens head out with a sealed mission to open at home—one that reinforces the week’s Bible truth and invites kids into an adventure with Jesus.

Leaders have the same mission—giving adults and kids something to talk about when they next get together.

Mystery Missions come with the Student Book as part of the Student Pack.

Choosing BE BOLD is Easy!

BE BOLD Student Packs

Student Packs are only $12.99, and Leader Guides just $15.99!

BE BOLD fearless preteen curriculum requires one Leader Guide per class, and one Student Pack per student. As students will use the pages of their books to complete each week’s activity, it is vital that each student has their own book.

BE BOLD Student Packs include: Bold Action Student Book, Mystery Mission Cards, and Mystery Mission Stickers. Other basic classroom supplies (tape, scissors) are needed but not included. A classroom poster stating the Class Values is available and suggested, as you and your kids will recite these values each week.

Be Bold by Group

Be Bold by Group

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