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Starter Kit | HayDay VBS 2022

Start growing your VBS with the all-in-one Starter Kit!

Jerusalem HayDay Starter Kit

Your HayDay Starter Kit Includes:

Your Starter Kit comes filled with everything you need to start planning a truly memorable HayDay vacation Bible school. The Ultimate Director Go-To Guide and Leader Manuals provide step-by-step instructions. Plus, you’ll get student resource samples, volunteer resources, a HayDay VBS 2022 catalog packed with program products, and essential media tools.

Director Manual contains everything you need to plan a successful program, recruit and train volunteers, publicize your program, and follow up with families after the big event.

Leader Manuals provide easy instructions for specific roles at your HayDay VBS. Each manual includes an overview of each day’s Bible content, historical backgrounds, step-by-step directions for each activity, and guided discussion questions.

Helpful DVDs and CDs feature training resources that make it easy to inspire and educate your church body.

Student Resources, including the Bible Memory Buddy and Student Resource samples, will keep kids talking about HayDay throughout their VBS experience and long after they leave your church event.

Hayday VBS CatalogHayday VBS Catalog

Top HayDay Supplies

Daily Bible Content | HayDay VBS 2022

Plant God’s Word in kids' hearts!

At HayDay VBS, kids experience God's Word in surprising and unforgettable ways! Each day, leaders reinforce one simple Bible truth — which makes it easy for kids to remember and apply to real life!


Bible Point

Jesus will always love us.

Key Verse

"Our Lord Jesus Christ has made us friends of God." (Romans 5:11)

Day 1 Bible Story

Jesus befriends Zacchaeus. (Luke 19:1-10)

Day 2 Bible Story

Jesus dies and comes back to life. (John 19-21)

Theme Overview

Get everyone crowin’ about VBS!

At HayDay VBS, kids will be up to their elbows in farmin’ fun as they explore one simple Bible truth: Jesus will always love us!

Easy for Leaders

Easy for Leaders

Each leader preps only 20 minutes of daily material!

Easy to Remember

Easy on your Budget

Fewer supplies and lower costs keep VBS affordable.

Easy for Making Friends

Easy to Remember

A single Bible Point is reinforced daily at every station!

Rotations & Stations

A Day at HayDay

Each day at HayDay VBS, kids plow through field-tested rotations that reinforce relevant Bible Points and immerse kids in new adventures.

Moo-sic & More Moo-sic & More

Start the day together, singing a fun mix of classic worship songs brand-new praise songs.

Awesome Bible Adventures Bible Adventures

Kids experience the Bible in active, hands-on ways, and then circle up with crews for thought-provoking discussions.

Projects with a Purpose Projects-With-a-Purpose®

Kids create one of three Project-With-a-Purpose options and practice sharing God’s love with others.

Hog Wild Games Hog Wild Games

Kids run, jump, and even splash through games that connect with the daily Bible verse.

Oasis Tastes Friendship Finale

Dramatic and crowd-involving activities help everyone remember and apply each day's Bible point and Bible verse.

KidVid Cinema Sunday Celebration

This optional 20-minute Sunday Celebration gets the whole congregation involved.

Moocille Bible Memory Buddies®

Imprinted with the Daily Bible Verse

HayDay Moocille Bible Memory Buddies Features

Key Item: An Essential component of your VBS

Kids'll love playing with this 3D version of the Bible Memory Buddy! HayDay VBS Moocile Bible Memory Buddies are custom-designed and crafted out of durable PVC. Perfect for kids of all ages and features the Key Bible verse on the base for memorability. Make sure every child receives a Buddy during session 2 of Projects-With-a-Purpose. For ages 3+ only. (Pkg of 10)


You decide which project works best for your church!

Group's Weekend VBS is rich in life application with Projects-With-a-Purpose. Kids make special gifts for others and share the Bible oint in tangible, practical ways.

Hide-and-Seed Toy

Option 1: For your own church

Hide-and-Seed Toy

Make a fun discovery toy for your church nursery.

This economical option lets you use supplies you already have, like empty peanut butter containers, buttons, and other small items.

Option 2: For your community

Friendship Planter

Make a fun discovery toy for your church nursery.

Kids make colorful planters so recipients will remember they can grow in Jesus' love.

Hide-and-Seed Toy


Fields of decorating ideas!

Transform your church into a friendly farm! HayDay VBS is full of wide-open spaces, playful animals, and rustic charm — guaranteed to be a place where kids have barrels of fun!

HayDay Decorating StageHayDay Decorating Stage

Operation Kid-to-Kid

Your kids can do a world of good!

Turn donation dollars into cool school tools! For some kids in North America, basic school supplies are hard to come by. That's where your VBS kids come in! This summer Operation Kid-to-Kid is mobilizing millions of children to help bless countless students and teachers on Native American reservations! Due to World Vision's key partnerships, $1 can supplement school supplies for one child for a whole year!

Operation Kid-to-Kid FeatureOperation Kid-to-Kid Feature


Udderly great VBS Moo-sic!

One of the best parts of HayDay VBS—fun, faith-filled music that your kids (and families) will sing again and again!

No, Not One(Theme Song)

Let's Get a Little Crazy

Praise Him

Your Friend

You Are Good

Custom Shirts, Banners, & Postcards

Personalize & Customize...

Free VBS Tools

Download & start planning!

VBS 2022 ChecklistVBS 2022 Checklist

Quick Reference Checklist

Download the VBS Director Quick Reference Checklist for planning tips as far as 4-6 months before your VBS!

Let's Get Started

Ready to start your VBS adventure? We've created these printable Kickstarter and Budget Planner worksheets to set your VBS planning into motion.

Budget Quiz

How much does VBS Cost?

Take the budget quiz to determine what you should expect to spend on your VBS.


MyVBS Registration Tool

Build a custom website for parents & volunteers, and send e-mails for promotion and follow-up.

Comparison Chart

Print this to quickly compare themes...

VBS 2022 Checklist

Comparison Chart

Do you know the top three reasons directors pick a VBS? Music, Bible Content, and Theme! Download this Comparison Chart to view the Daily Bible Content for each theme.

Contact a VBS Specialist!

Getting started with VBS? Schedule a time to talk one-to-one with one of our experts to discuss your VBS!