Make Waves VBS 2022

What You Do Today Can Change the World Around You

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Make Waves VBS 2022

Make Waves VBS 2022

What you do today can change the world around you

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Make Waves VBS 2022 VBS Kit

Your VBS Kit Includes:

The Make Waves VBS Kit provides the tools for a hands-on, memorable week that encourages kids to grow in their faith as they understand how to make waves and share God's love with the people around them.

Your digital director's guide includes everything you need to plan and run a successful Make Waves VBS! From Decorating to recruiting, from promotion to leader daily devotionals, you'll be able to plan your VBS, train with volunteers and leaders, and connect with kids and families.

All leader guides are downloadable, making it easy to access and share with your team. Leader resources include scripts and tech sheets, small group material, and rotation station guides.

Download all music, drama and bible story videos, music videos, music lyric videos, dance move videos, and more with this fun and exciting VBS.

Every kit comes with swag samples like sunglasses, buttons, daily wristbands, and more so you can explore these fun and memorable options before ordering your student and volunteer materials.

Make Waves VBS CatalogMake Waves VBS Catalog

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Daily Bible Content

Wave Maker

Creation – Genesis 1-2

Bottom Line

God made people with a purpose.

Catch the Wave

Peter Walks on Water – Matthew 14:22-33

Bottom Line

Jesus invited people to follow Him.

Life Saver

Jesus is Alive – John 18-21:14

Bottom Line

You can trust Jesus with your life.

Make a Splash

Love One Another / Philip and the Ethiopia Ruler – John 13:34-35, Acts 8:26-40

Bottom Line

Love others the way Jesus loves you.

Ripple Effect

Fruit of the Spirit – Galatians 5:22-23

Bottom Line

God can help you change the world around you.


"Whoever believes in me...rivers of living water will flow from within them."

John 7:38, NIV

In this wet and wild VBS, kids will learn that what you do today can change the world around you. When you put your trust in Jesus, you can "make waves" because of His Spirit living inside you. Through fun activities, engaging lessons, and God's Word, we'll help kids understand how they can share God's love with the people around them. They'll discover that when they put their faith in Jesus, God will give them His Spirit. And like the Bible says, the Spirit is like many streams of living water. Through fun activities, engaging lessons, and God's Word, kids will explore what it means to "make waves" in their own lives that will influence the people around them.

We think it's possible for kids and volunteers to create a ripple effect that can impact the world around them in ways they will never forget. God dropped you onto this planet to do the same thing — to make waves.

You're designed to make positive change in the world. And the kids who show up in your ministry need to believe that about themselves, too.

How it Works

Each day at Make Waves VBS takes kids on a wild, wet adventure on how they can change the world around them through the power of Jesus.

Large Group

Opening Session

  • Welcome
  • Large Group Games
  • Worship
  • Drama
  • Bible Story

Small Group

Rotation Stations

  • Small Group
  • Games
  • Snacks
  • Music
  • Drama

Large Group

Closing Session

  • Welcome Back
  • Worship
  • Wrap Up
  • Announcements
  • Dismiss


Make Waves RotationsMake Waves Rotations


Make Waves with Great Music

Help kids remember God's Word with great music! During music, you'll also introduce the Memory Verse and recap the Bible Story.

Making Waves(Theme Song)


Anything At All

Everyone Everywhere

My Forever Friend

Very Big Things


Love Like You

Love One Another

Make A Move

What I Chose

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VBS 2022 ChecklistVBS 2022 Checklist

Quick Reference Checklist

Download the VBS Director Quick Reference Checklist for planning tips as far as 4-6 months before your VBS!

Let's Get Started

Ready to start your VBS adventure? We've created these printable Kickstarter and Budget Planner worksheets to set your VBS planning into motion.

Budget Quiz

How much does VBS Cost?

Take the budget quiz to determine what you should expect to spend on your VBS.


MyVBS Registration Tool

Build a custom website for parents & volunteers, and send e-mails for promotion and follow-up.

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VBS 2022 Checklist

Comparison Chart

Do you know the top three reasons directors pick a VBS? Music, Bible Content, and Theme! Download this Comparison Chart to view the Daily Bible Content for each theme.

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