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Choir Robe Tempo - Chianti Viva

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  • Stoles sold separately
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These popular robes are tailored in chianti Viva, featuring open sleeves, V-neckline, balanced machine fluting, deep hems, and generous front pleats. Front zipper closure, no pocket or slit.

Coordinating reversible stoles sold separately.

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Choir Robes
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We are currently unable to accept orders for Murphy Brand products during their current ownership change. We will continue to provide all Murphy products once they are back in production approximately February 1, 2023.
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Choir Robe Care Tips

During the times your robes are being worn, avoid jewelry with rough edges that might snag your robe and be sure to keep Velcro cuffs closed. Watch out for ragged corners or splinters on hymnals or pews. Heavy perfumes and shaving lotions should be avoided - these odors can penetrate fabric. Use care to keep makeup off necklines of robes and stoles. Makeup bases contain oils that can stain fabric. Avoid spraying hairspray while wearing your robe. Do not eat or drink anything other than water while wearing your robe to avoid food or beverage stains.

Between wearings, hang your robes on our Murphy Contoured Robe Hanger, designed to preserve yoke shape and prevent rust stains or crease lines caused by wire hangers. Zip robes or fasten the hook and eye closure to keep it properly aligned on the hanger. Close any Velcro closures such as cuffs.

Don't wait until robes or stoles show significant soiling or heavy makeup stains to clean. Schedule cleaning or laundering of robes on a regular basis - at least once a year, more often if your robes feature high necklines. Any garment with more than one color, ribbon trim, piping, or embroidery requires dry cleaning by a professional dry cleaner.

Viva Fabric

The distinctively durable Viva is the fabric chosen for most of our Murphy Qwick-Ship choir robes. Woven of 100% polyester, easy-care Viva is treated to release stains and soil, and requires little or no ironing. Viva may be machine washable or may require dry cleaning, depending on color and trim combinations. Single or similar color robes and accessories are machine washable. Items tailored in contrasting colors, light and dark combinations, or featuring corded piping, monograms, or metallic trims, should be dry cleaned. All shades subject to dye lot variations.

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