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Starter Kit - Pets Unleashed Weekend VBS 2023

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  • Starter Kit - Pets Unleashed Weekend VBS 2023
  • Starter Kit - Pets Unleashed Weekend VBS 2023

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  • WEEKEND STARTER KIT contains an easy-to-follow Director Guide and 3 Station Leader Manuals, Program Resource DVD, a Music Leader Version CD, Clip Art & Resources CD, and samples of key student items including the all-new Bible Memory Buddy.
  • ESSENTIAL ITEM - This Weekend Starter Kit is an essential item for your VBS.
  • Pets Unleashed VBS is another installment of Group Publishing's Weekend VBS programming offering 2, 2.5 hour VBS days plus an optional 20 minute closing for Sunday.
  • VBS 2023 - Pets Unleashed VBS by Group Publishing
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Your Pets Unleashed Weekend VBS Kit comes complete with all you need to get started. Director and Leader Manuals provide step-by-step instructions. Plus, you'll get student resource samples and essential media tools.

Group's Weekend VBS is just two 2 hour sessions plus a 20 minute celebration on Sunday, so It's easy for your volunteers and your families. It's perfect for churches that are small, haven't done VBS, are considering skipping VBS, or even those that just can't get enough VBS!

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About Pets Unleashed Weekend VBS 2023

Let •s fetch some fun! Kids are crazy for critters with whiskers, tails, feathers, or scales! That •s why kids will think this VBS is the cat •s meow. During the two short days of Pets Unleashed VBS, you •ll introduce kids to Jesus, God •s Son who lovingly cares for us.

Group VBS

No matter which Group VBS program you choose, you'll get a fun, engaging, hands-on Bible learning experience that's easy to do and adaptable to your church's size and budget. Group VBS makes it easy for you to create your best VBS yet! All Group programs are field tested and designed with you in mind—we do the work, so you don't have to!

Your Pets Unleashed Weekend VBS Includes

  • The Pets Unleashed Director Manual leads the way! Inside you'll find resources that take you through the planning process, volunteer recruiting, registration...and much more!
  • Station Leader Manuals are specially designed for your VBS volunteers. From Music and More to Bible Adventures and Projects-With-a-Purpose your volunteers will be guided through the steps of each daily VBS station.
  • Helpful music & media tools are included in your Starter Kit! The Music Leader Version CD includes all 5 Pets Unleashed songs with and without vocals. Plus, the Program Resources DVD includes tips to help get your volunteers and church ready for launch! For the first time ever, the Clip Art & Resources CD is included to help you with all your creative needs!
  • Student resource samples will guide you in selecting the most critical (and fun) program products for your VBS kids. Inside your sample pack youll find an all-new Bible Memory Buddy and lots of other great samples!


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