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Wax Candlelighter Lighting Tapers (Box of 120) Cathedral Candle

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  • Length of each wax taper is 16.25 inches
  • 120 wax tapers to a Carton
  • Cathedral Candle Brand
  • Sized to fit all styles of Candlelighters.
  • Made in USA
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Sized to fit all styles of Candlelighters. 120 wax tapers to a Carton. Length of each wax taper is 16.25 inches. Made by Cathedral Candle in the USA
Use of wax lighting tapers with a high quality lighter/extinguisher is highly recommended for the trouble-free lighting and extinguishing of candles. To prevent wax buildup at the end of the candlelighter: While burning be sure to only expose 1/4" of the taper at a time. This will stop the flame from getting too large and melting wax back into the lighter causing it to clog. When the candlelighter is lit the taper should point up and the bell (snuffer) should point down to the ground. Holding the candlelighter upside down will cause the flame to burn faster up the taper. After extinguishing flame, extend the taper while the wax is still hot. This clears the end of the tube.

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