Action Bible Curriculum

Designed with the Understanding that Preteens are Seeking Spiritual Answers and Developing their Own Value System

The Action Bible Curriculum takes preteens deeper into the heart of God's Word to discover an active faith they can claim as their own!

The Action Bible Curriculum


Based on the best-selling Action Bible is a brand-new curriculum that challenges preteens to take the leap from Bible information to life transformation. Preteens will explore Scripture, ask questions, build relationships and connect timeless truth to their life today.

Videos animate the comic-style graphics of The Action Bible to set weekly themes in motion. With their leader as a coach, preteens discover who God is and who they are in Him. Together they investigate God's Word, memorize key verses, and connect timeless truth to their life today.

Through daily devotions, preteens continue to engage with God during the week. Parent resources are also included with the David C. Cook Action Bible curriculum.

Product Details

The Action Bible Curriculum uses a 4-step lesson path designed to engage preteens at every turn:

- Join In sets the stage for the lesson by helping preteens feel comfortable and build relationships.
- Investigate puts God’s Word in motion as students see the video, explore the Bible, engage with a variety of activities and learn a memory verse (the translation your church prefers).
- Make Connections invites preteens to personalize the connections they’ve made through an activity, a time of reflection, and a time of worship. It is also a time to ask questions.
- Go With God equips leaders to send preteens into the week with a blessing that shows who God is and what they mean to Him.

Key Action Bible Curriculum Details

- For preteens ages 9 – 12 (grades 4, 5, 6)
- Flexible format (Classroom or Large Group / Small Group)
- Two-year chronological Scope and Sequence (104 lessons)
- 60-90 minutes per lesson