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Stripped Clean: Down to Nothing But the Cross

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Stripped Clean: Down to Nothing But the Cross

Stripped Clean: Down to Nothing But the Cross

By Jeff Storm

"Do you own your cell phone or does it own you?

Interesting question to ask your teens.

Ipods, computers, smartphones, flat screen TVs we are a society of materialism. In this day, it is too easy to become numb to it, or worse yet expect it as a right. We lose sight of Christ. But start talking about this topic (if you can get your teens to stop texting) and the walls go right up.

Stripped Clean, however, is a guilt free, thoughtful, and engaging look at what you have, what it means, and how to tread lightly in this world.

Stripped Clean is a fresh approach to Bible study:

  • It is designed to have pages folded, ripped, written on, and even burned, so that your teens are constantly engaged.
  • Chapters are presented in fun, artsy ways that drive home sound bites and loads of truth.
  • Lessons from Ecclesiastes relate directly with the world your teens live in today, causing them to rethink their priorities and refocus their lives on Jesus.
  • The past and current struggles of "recovering materialoholic," Jeff Storm, show this is a process and it is OK to fail sometimes.

    Your job is to make sure the youth of today have a heart for Jesus, not a lust for the things of this world. Let Stripped Clean help you on this journey.

    Order enough for your group today and watch the importance of things give way to the importance of a relationship with Jesus.
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