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Play-n-Worship: Booster Pack for Preschoolers

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    Product Description

    Play-n-Worship: Booster Pack for Preschoolers
    Your Play-n-Worship Booster Pack for Preschoolers contains additional illustrated teaching Bible storyboards to share with little ones and help them grow in a relationship with Jesus!

    These 10 NEW Bible storyboards expand on the best-selling Play-n-Worship Sunday School and work with the Play-n-Worship DVDs and CDs. You can embark on a new year of exploration and play, planting the seeds of God’s love in little ones’ lives.

    Play-n-Worship is designed for preschoolers according to proven teaching Each age-appropriate lesson gets kids worshipping God and learning to trust Jesus through play, movement, and fun. Your preschoolers will explore Bible truths with basic toys found in any classroom. It’s easy for you, captivating for kids, and perfect for church use.

    Each Bible storyboard includes:
  • An interactive lesson that will work in any classroom (use each lesson for 5 weeks...kids learn by repetition)
  • 5 to 8 specific play ideas that reinforce the lesson
  • Unforgettable illustrations that kids love
  • A teaching strategy that ensures preschoolers really learn and remember—that God loves them!

  • Themes Include:
    1. Jesus’ Resurrection
    2. Jesus Is Born
    3. Jesus Feeds 5,000
    4. Ruth Helps Naomi
    5. God Parts the Red Sea
    6. Noah Obeys God
    7. Walls of Jericho Fall
    8. Jesus Walks on Water
    9. Balaam’s Donkey Talks
    10. Jesus Heals a Blind Man

    Teach little ones in the way they learn best...by doing!

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