Hand Sanitizer Pump Dispenser Stand, Telescopic 28"-50" Square Base (BLACK, Powdered Coated Steel)

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  • Hand Sanitizer is NOT included. Sold Separately.
  • Top tray 4" Square, with 2" H Lip, Steel, secures to top of upright with screw from above - Will work with hand sanitizer bottles up to 4" W x 3.5" D
  • Knob in tray - Tightens bottle in place, reduces movement.
  • Ideal for Pump Hand Sanitizer Dispensaries
  • Made in the USA
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  1. 1. Connect Upright to Base bushing using large Philips head screw provided.
  2. 2. Connect the hand sanitizer holder to the top of the upright using the flat head Phillips head screw provided.
  3. 3. Loosen the knob clamp (if needed), by turning the knob counter-clockwise and place the base of your hand sanitizer bottle into the tray. Tighten the knob clamp, by turning the knob clockwise, to secure the sanitizer bottle in place.
  4. 4. For telescopic upright only: Loosen the clutch by turning it ¼ turn counter-clockwise, raise or lower the upright as needed, then turn the clutch ¼ turn clockwise to lock the height of the upright.

Product Description

As your facility starts welcoming in your guests you will want to have convenient and plentiful locations for hand sanitizer. These stands are very simple and convenient. Great for any type of church, facility, school or business. Make people feel safe and comfortable by locating these near every entrance of your facility. Popular location include entryways and near bathrooms and water fountains.

This stand is intentionally designed to hold your standard hand sanitizer bottles. Has a heavy solid steel base for stability. Can easily be moved around to various locations around your facility. This product in Made in the USA. Aluminum and Steel components for durability and quality. Black finish.

Pump Holder

  • Fits Will work with hand sanitizer bottles up to 4" W x 3½" D
  • Knob in tray - Tightens bottle in place, reduces movement.


  • Telescopic 28-50" x 1" diameter aluminum upright, in 2 sections
  • Swage and spring button construction
  • Black


  • 16" Square steel base (9 lbs), secures to upright with 1 screw from side
  • Felt pads on bottom
  • Black Texture powder coated

Product Details

Weight10 lbs.
MaterialSteel, Vinyl
Pack Size1


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