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Grapple Jr High: Finding God's Best

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Grapple Jr High: Finding God's Best

Good. Better. Best. As followers of Christ, we have the opportunity to experience all of those things. We hear the good news of Jesus, our lives are better because of God's salvation, and God's plan for us is the best discovery we could ever make.

This volume of Grapple Jr. High includes 12 lessons that will engage your students in conversations about finding God's best in three areas:
  • Their journey of faith and trust in God
  • Their decision to follow God's plan for their lives
  • Their friendships with other Christians

Lessons tackle such important topics as standing up for God and depending on God, discovering God's purpose for your life, and experiencing God's design for true community in the local church. Each lesson features interactive, hands-on elements that will get your junior highers talking, moving around, and seeking answers.

If your students have misconceptions about the rewards and joys of following God, this volume of Grapple Jr. High will help them uncover clarity, truth, and insight about where and how they can find God's best in life!
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