Group VBS Themes

Group Publishing creates multiple VBS programs on an annual basis, including the Easy VBS, Holy Land Adventure VBS and Weekend VBS. Group is popular among churches across the country due to its effective use of tying games, Imagination Station, snack, music and more back to the lesson of the day.

2018 Themes

shipwrecked vbs 2018


Easy VBS 2018

babylon vbs 2018


HLA VBS 2018

polar blast vbs 2018

Polar Blast

Weekend VBS 2018

2017 Themes

maker fun factory vbs 2017
Maker Fun Factory

Easy VBS 2017
*Available for 2018!

peru vbs 2017
Passport to Peru

Cross Culture VBS 2017

rome vbs 2017

HLA VBS 2017

camp out vbs 2017
Camp Out

Weekend VBS 2017

2016 Themes

cave quest vbs 2016
Cave Quest

Easy VBS 2016

expedition norway vbs 2016
Expedition Norway

Cross Culture VBS 2016

egypt vbs 2016

HLA VBS 2016

pets unleashed vbs 2016
Pets Unleashed

Weekend VBS 2016

2015 Themes

everest vbs 2015

Easy VBS 2015

thailand trek vbs 2016
Thailand Trek

Cross Culture VBS 2015

hometown nazareth vbs 2016
Hometown Nazareth

HLA VBS 2015

outback rock vbs 2016
Outback Rock

Weekend VBS 2015

2014 Themes

weird animals vbs 2014
Weird Animals

Easy VBS 2013

wilderness escape vbs 2014
Wilderness Escape

HLA VBS 2014

blast off vbs 2014
Hometown Nazareth

Weekend VBS 2014

2013 Themes

kingdom rock vbs 2013
Kingdom Rock

Easy VBS 2013

athens vbs 2013

HLA VBS 2013

hayday vbs 2013

Weekend VBS 2013

2012 Themes


Easy VBS 2012


HLA VBS 2012

Rocky Point Lighthouse

Weekend VBS 2012

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