Why VBS Matters

Anyone who thinks running Vacation Bible School is easy has never done it. Let’s be honest—VBS is hard work! From staying up all night to prep crafts to cooking hundreds of hotdogs, you might work yourself to exhaustion. Recruiting, training and support volunteers might drive you nearly crazy, but when the big week is finally finished, you'll remember why you said yes.

VBS is more than just a week of fun. For many churches, it is the biggest outreach event of the year. VBS reaches the community, its children and their families like nothing else. And like most things that matter, remembering the why is what gets us through it.

So this past January, we traveled to the Children's Pastor's Conference in Orlando, Florida to ask over 1,500 VBS Directors "Why do you do VBS?"

This is what they said...

This is why we do VBS. This is what makes the long days and the late nights worthwhile. VBS is worth the time, the effort, and the investment. For those that like numbers, here's a cool chart our friends at Lifeway published.

We're here to help you with the what (supplies), so you can focus on the why. Let's get started!