Partner with Local Churches for VBS

Is VBS not a financial option?

Are you worried not enough students will attend?

Are local churches potentially doing the same theme?

If you’ve asked these questions, then partnering with a local church to do a joint VBS might be for you!

It is becoming more common for churches to ask these tough questions that lead them wondering if they should even have VBS at all.

But because of the known impact of VBS, churches are choosing to not cancel, but join forces with local churches to reach students with the gospel.

Benefits of Partnering with Local Church(es)

Financial - It’s no surprise that VBS is a large financial investment. Partnering with another church also alleviates the overall costs. Sharing the costs of student supplies, shirts, decor, and other essentials can carry a huge burden.

Attendance - If you’re discouraged by or unsure about the number of students who will attend your VBS, joining another church can often ensure there will be a minimum number of students to run a full program.

Theme Crossover - When other local churches do the same theme (it happens more often than you think), your program can feel redundant if students attend both. Running a single VBS can avoid that issue altogether.

Rotating Churches

With this style of VBS, each church in the partnership could switch off hosting the VBS each year. This way, each church shares in the larger load of hosting while the others can support in other capacities (supplies, financial, etc.)