4 Reasons You Need Custom Postcards for VBS Outreach

Are you using postcards as part of your VBS outreach strategy? Here are 4 reasons VBS postcards are still a powerful, cost-effective outreach tool:

1. Offer a Personal Touch on Sunday or in your local neighborhood

Handing out a bulletin? Sermon notes? Insert a personal invitation to let parents know when, where and why they should attend VBS this year. Whether it's door to door or simply handing them out at church, custom postcards are an easy way to say "you're invited!"

2. Budget Friendly

Postcards are still one of the cheapest ways to get your information in front of the most people. Get 500 postcards for as low as $89.99.

3. Attention-Grabbing Design

The eye-catching graphics and shorter text length make a postcard much more readable than a letter – plus they stand out in the mailbox more.

Your church postcard can capture people’s attention through great design and a customized message. Get people interested in your church with a thoughtfully designed card and targeted messaging that gives them a clear path of action. This combination can create a connection with the recipient and make them curious to find out more about your church!

4. Customizable To Suit Your Needs

You have control of what your church postcards look like, and can choose what event your card will highlight and what your call to action will be. You can craft a message to introduce your VBS, have a specific promotion, or share the time and location.

Whatever message you want to convey, you can customize your card to make it clear and easy for recipients to respond – all without needing a graphic designer. Our expert designers make it easy for anyone to change text, add images or logos and create a postcard that fits your church!

Not sure how to get started with church postcards? We can help!

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This article has been editorialized from Outreach.com.