Shipwrecked Ultimate Starter Kit

The Shipwrecked VBS 2018 Ultimate Starter Kit and Ultimate Starter Kit + Digital contain everything you need to start planning your VBS.

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Make a splash with the Shipwrecked VBS Ultimate Starter Kit! Now you have more options to make your 2018 VBS easier than ever! Choose from the Ultimate Starter Kit or dive deeper with the Ultimate Starter Kit + Digital edition!

The Ultimate Director Go-To Guide and Leader Manuals in this 2018 Group VBS provide step-by-step instructions. Plus, you’ll get student resource samples, volunteer resources, a Shipwrecked VBS catalog packed with program products, and essential media tools.

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Your Shipwrecked VBS Ultimate Starter Kit Includes:

The Ultimate Director Go-To Guide
Contains everything you need to plan a successful program, recruit and train volunteers, publicize your program, and follow up with families after the big event.

Station Leader Manuals
Provide easy instructions for specific roles at your Shipwrecked VBS. Each manual includes an overview of each day’s Bible content, historical backgrounds, step-by-step directions for each activity, and guided discussion questions.

Helpful DVDs and CDs
Feature training resources, clip art, and marketing tools that make it easy to inspire and educate your church body. The Decorating Places DVD gives you detailed instructions to create your Shipwrecked setting—and the Sing & Play DVD will have your kids in celebration mode all week long.

Student Resources
Including Bible Memory Buddies, Student Take-Home pages, and Imagination Station samples, will keep kids talking about Shipwrecked throughout their VBS experience and long after they leave your church event.

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Overview of Shipwrecked VBS 2018

Spark Imagination with Faith-Building Fun!

Venture onto an uncharted island where kids survive and thrive. Anchor kids in the truth that Jesus carries them through life's storms.

Easy for Leaders

Each leader preps only 20 minutes of daily material!

Easy to Remember

A single Bible Point is reinforced daily at every station!

Easy for Making Friends

Small, multi-age crews bring kids together!

Bible Content

Experiencing God's Word

At Shipwrecked, one memorable Bible Point is reinforced throughout each station, each day — making it easy to apply long after VBS is over.

Bible Point:

When you're lonely...Jesus rescues!

Key Bible Verse:

"The Lord will hold me close." (Psalm 27:10)

Bible Story:

Jesus tells parables about lost things. (Luke 15)

Bible Point:

When you worry...Jesus rescues!

Key Bible Verse:

"The Lord comes to the rescue each time." (Psalm 34:19)

Bible Story:

Martha worries and complains. (Luke 10:38-42)

shipwrecked vbs 2018 rae
Bible Point:

When you struggle...Jesus rescues!

Key Bible Verse:

"Be still, and know that I am God!" (Psalm 46:10)

Bible Story:

Jesus' friends try to rescue him in the garden of Gethsemane. (Luke 22:39-54, Matthew 26:36-56)

Bible Point:

When you do wrong...Jesus rescues!

Key Bible Verse:

"Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world." (John 16:33)

Bible Story:

Jesus welcomes a criminal before dying and coming back to life. (Luke 23:26-24:12)

Bible Point:

When you're powerless...Jesus rescues!

Key Bible Verse:

"This is the same mighty power that raised Christ from the dead." (Ephesians 1:19-20)

Bible Story:

Peter and John heal a lame man in Jesus' name. (Acts 3:1-26)


Totally Wow Worship

One of the best parts of Shipwrecked VBS: award-winning music! Fun songs your kids will want to listen to again and again - sure to become a new family fave!

Never Let Go

My Lighthouse

I Am

A Million Reasons

Tis So Sweet

Won't Worry

Eye of the Storm

Rescue Me

Soon & Very Soon

No, Not One!

How it Works

A Day at Shipwrecked VBS

Each day at Shipwrecked VBS, kids travel through field-tested rotations that reinforce relevant Bible Points and immerse kids in new adventures.

Learn more about each station

shipwrecked vbs 2018 castaway sing and play
Prepare for the day's adventure by singing fun songs and meeting fun Bible Memory Buddies!
► Watch Video

shipwrecked vbs 2018 stations
Experience each Bible story with all five senses.
► Watch Video

shipwrecked vbs 2018 imagination station
Dig into surprising and authentic discoveries.
► Watch Video

shipwrecked vbs 2018 recreation
Play high-energy games like Landlubber Lacrosse or Silly Lily Lagoon!
► Watch Video

shipwrecked vbs 2018 tropical treats
All the crews come together to eat snacks that connect with that day's key Bible verse.
► Watch Video

shipwrecked vbs 2018 kidvid cinema
Watch films about real kids living out their faith in really cool ways.
► Watch Video

shipwrecked vbs 2018 sail away sendoff
Wrap up with music, drama, science experiments and more!
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Set the Scene at Shipwrecked VBS

Transform your church into a remote island without capsizing your budget! Shipwrecked VBS 2018 is a bounty of bright, vibrant colors and tropical delights.

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