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Imagination Station

What is it?

Imagination Station is where kids use Sciency-Fun Gizmos to experiment, explore, AND discover Bible truths in fascinating ways:

  • Each surprising experiment connects directly to the day's Bible Point.
  • All experiments are VBS-ready, kid-approved, and soooo fun!
  • Every activity encourages kids' creativity and faith discovery.
  • All experiments are innovative, safe and doable- tested in real churches to ensure success every time.
  • Learning activities and gizmos are exclusively for you-available only at Maker Fun Factory VBS.

Plus, kids get to keep their Imagination Station gizmos! Send each gizmo home with the daily "Try This At Home" sticker that encourages faith exploration at home with family and friends!

A Day at Imagination Station

KidVid Cinema

Day 1

The Purgamonsters Lego Robotics team works on complex creations and shares how they are complex creations made by a loving God.

Day 2

Addy has to conquer her fears and trust God as he jumps, balances, and flips on horseback!

Day 3

Buddies Austin, Josh, and Alex didn't want anyone to feel left out, so they created a Buddy Bench for kids in their school. God is with us, just like a best buddy!

Day 4

Kyle was sad when he found out that he had something called diabetes. But he knows that God always loves us- in good and bad times.

Day 5

Max knows that God made him with an incrdible mind for science and believes that he can use that gift to do big things!

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God Sightings

Seeing Helps Believing!

At Maker Fun Factory VBS, you'll encourage kids and adults to look for God Sightings- everyday clues that God is present, passionate, and powerful. Your kids (even preschoolers!) will discover they can catch sight of Jesus' love and light every single day in unexpected, powerful ways. Why? Because they finally have eyes to see...and at last, they're looking.

Maker Fun Factory VBS

God Sight Light String

Each day at Sound Wave Sing & Play, Crews light up VBS with their God Sightings. Starting on Day 2, they’ll add a God Sight Lightbulb to the front of the set. These colorful bulbs light up when connected to the light string, making a bright and beautiful reminder for kids that God is still at work in all of creation, including them!



Maker Fun Factory VBS

Watch for God Wristbands

During KidVid Cinema, kids receive a cool Watch For God Wristband that they’ll wear all week. Made of child-safe silicone, these bands remind children to keep their eyes open for things that God is doing all around them!

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