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Ultimate Starter Kit (includes Digital Content) - Hero Hotline VBS 2023 by Cokesbury

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  • ULTIMATE STARTER KIT - Contains key resources needed to plan your VBS. This kit includes a Director's Guide, 9 Leader Guides, all media components, and samples of student books, Scripture Treasure Lanyard, and program stickers.
  • ESSENTIAL ITEM - The Ultimate Starter Kit is an essential item for your VBS.
  • DIGITAL ACCESS - This kit includes a download card with online access to digital leader guides, MP3 audio and MP4 video content, music lyrics and song sheet with guitar chords.
  • Snack Leader and Missions Leader Guides are not included in this kit, but are free and available for download.
  • VBS 2023 - Hero Hotline by Cokesbury
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The ultimate resource for your VBS!

In the depths of a colorful underground cave, is the beating heart of the hero community, the Hero Hotline Headquarters where everyone's gifts are valued and every hero has a role to play. Each day at the Hero Hotline Headquarters, superheroes of all ages and abilities answer the call and join the Professor and veteran hero, Super Meer the Meerkat, to provide expert assistance and solutions to Hero Teams everywhere!

When Heroes in the field call in, the Professor, Super Meer, and our team of heroes will spring into action and explore the ultimate Hero Handbook -the Bible- to discover how all Heroes can follow the examples set by a cast of supporting Bible Heroes in stories from the Old and New Testaments, who work together to bring peace, build each other up, and share the great story of God's love for us where they are and with the whole world.

As kids (called Heroes) experience these stories through music, drama and storytelling, games, arts and crafts, science, and even snacks, they'll learn that Heroes are called to Follow Jesus, Help Others, Work Together, Listen to God, and Show Grace! And, best of all, they'll be invited to answer this call at VBS, at church, at home, and every area of their lives.

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About Hero Hotline VBS

In the depths of a colorful underground cave, is the beating heart of the hero community, the Hero Hotline Headquarters where everyone •s gifts are valued and every hero has a role to play!


  1. Jesus Builds the Team (John 1:35-51)
  2. Shiphrah, Puah, and Miriam: God's Wonder Women (Exodus 1:8 - 2:10)
  3. Jethro Mentors Moses (Exodus 18)
  4. The Magnificent Magi (Matthew 2:1-12)
  5. Unexpected Heroes Give Paul a Basket Ride (Acts 9:1-25)

Cokesbury VBS

From the moment VBS begins, Cokesbury's VBS is designed to introduce a child to a deeper relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Each activity is developed, tested, and refined to be an engaging, age-appropriate experience to bring the word of God alive to every participant and volunteer. Cokesbury's VBS is based on the Bible and the gospel of the living Christ.

The Ultimate Starter Kit Includes:

  • Digital Content on a Digital Download Card
  • Director Guide
  • Leader Guides for Bible Storyteller, Preschool/Kindergarten, Craft, Music, Science, Assembly, Recreation, Decorating, and Reflection Time
  • Media Components include Music CD, Bible Adventure Video DVD-ROM, Decorating and Publicity CD-ROM, Music Video DVD
  • Sample copy of age-level student books for Preschool/Kindergarten, Younger Elementary, and Older Elementary
  • Samples of Scripture Treasure Lanyard, publicity poster, and stickers
  • Offer for free download of Mission and Snack Leader guides


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