Jingle Jam Christmas Event

Jingle Jam

From Orange Publishing – the makers of Power Up VBS 2019 – comes a Christmas Party BIG Enough for the Whole Family!

“Jingle Jam: A Sense-ible Christmas”

Jingle Jam contains everything you need to host an event organized around the telling of the Christmas Story and the idea of compassion. Utilizing sights, sounds, taste, touch, and even smell, Jingle Jam is a sense-sational way to celebrate Christmas with families in your community with limited volunteers!

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Jingle Jam Information

If skits are the highlight of your VBS and your team loves performing on stage, Jingle Jam is the Christmas program for you!

Jingle Jam offers a fun, relaxing evening for families in the midst of the craziness of the Christmas season. Families will sit together and enjoy learning and laughing as your team hosts Jingle Jam, complete with skits, games and the Christmas story.

Contents Include

Live Production Components

  • Pre-Show Games
  • Host Scripts
  • Screen Graphics

  • "Time to Jingle Jam"
  • "Joy to the World"

Live Production Components
  • Director's Checklist
  • Volunteer Recruitment Materials
  • Marketing Materials
  • Instructional Dance Videos
  • Live Lyric Videos
  • Countdown Video
  • MC Haggis "12 Days of Christmas"
  • Home Shopping Parody Commercial
  • The Christmas Story Video
  • Jingle Jame Promotional Video
  • Live Recording of Jingle Jam Showcase

And More...

Jingle Jam 5 Benefits

What We Love

Jingle Jam Trees
  • The USB contains all of the instructions, lists and media resources for your Children’s Ministry team – no worrying about losing leader manuals or keeping track of CDs and DVDs.

  • A video of the entire Jingle Jam program is included, so you can watch the program yourself and help your team prepare.

  • Jingle Jam is a family experience, making it easy for families to invite others to join them.

  • Materials for each attendee are not required, meaning no need for last minute ordering or hoping people sign up by a specific date.
Jingle Jam Trees


Fill your 2018 Christmas Program with music that will get both kids and parents groovin'!

Jingle Jam Remix

Go Tell It

12 Days of Christmas

Frosty the Snowman

Christmas This Year

Down to Earth

Bonus Track:
We Wish You a Merry Christmas

Jingle Jam

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