Friends of God

More than 75 percent of Americans have a distorted view of God's character that keeps them from being the disciples Jesus calls them to be. Fortunately there's an effective way to bring them closer to him. Jesus modeled it through a process that's so familiar it's often dismissed. That model is friendship.  Download Samples >


A Discipleship Experience

The Friends of God Discipleship Kit is your resource for planning and leading this discipleship experience, and makes hosting the sessions easy even for first-time group leaders.

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Sessions At-A-Glance

Each Friends of God session is 60 minutes long

Session 1

Discover friendship with God by exploring the qualities of friendship.

Session 2

Explore what nature teaches about God's character.

Session 3

Experience the heart of God by paying closer attention to his Son, Jesus.

Session 4

Practice communicating with God and others through two-way conversations and prayer stations.

Session 5

Explore how the Bible reveals God's heart through the power of questions.

Session 6

Watch a full-length film that explores how discipleship is about relationship, not perfection and performance.

Session 7

Fun experiences that playfully deepen your connection to Jesus.

Session 8

Identify fruit in your life, and discover new ways to abide in Jesus.

Session 9

Share stories of tough AND tender love from God and others, and experience Jesus' love personally.

Session 10

Explore what makes a friend trustworthy and experience a trust-building experiment.

Session 11

Ask for and receive the power of forgiveness.

Session 12

Discover how friendship with Jesus has grown and explore next steps.

Discipleship Reimagined

Make disciples the way Jesus did -- through Friendship

"I'm no longer calling you servants because servants don’t understand what their master is thinking and planning. No, I’ve named you friends because I’ve let you in on everything I’ve heard from the Father."
-- John 15:15

In Your Kit

Here's what's inside the Friends of God kit

The Discipleship Experience Leader Guide

Makes preparation and leading sessions simple. Includes session discussion guide, supply lists, conversation tips, and more.

The Discipleship Diary Participant Guide

Each participant needs this guide to follow along during the sessions. Also includes in-depth Bible exploration, journaling, and devotional experiences.

Friends of God Session DVDs

This two-DVD set includes videos for leading 12 sessions plus leader insights for maximizing life-change during every discussion and discipleship experience. Bonus promotional video helps you spread the word about your adventures in discipleship.

Promo and Session Graphics CD

Includes ready-to-use publicity items, and session printables to help you promote and lead your discipleship group.

Unheard Of Feature- length film

Enjoy this inspirational “living parable” as part of Session 6.

Full-size samples of participant items plus fun extras...

  • Heart of Jesus Sticky Note Pad
  • One Friends of God Glow Pen
  • One Friends of God Go-and-Glow Light
  • Three Jesus-centered practical guidebooks: Help! How Do I Read the Bible?, Help! How Do I Pray?, and Help! How Do I Know God’s Will?

Friends of God Spillshot

Friends of God Highlights

  • Bible study that deepens understanding when paired with reflection and story-telling
  • Spiritual discovery that grows through interactive conversation among pairs, trios, and small groups
  • Creative, fun discipleship adventures that launch participants into the community