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TrueVine Communion Cups

Discover why thousands of churches have made TrueVine Communion Cups their preferred choice for a reverent communion experience. TrueVine offers a wide range of communion cups that cater to the unique needs of each congregation. Join the growing community of churches who trust TrueVine to elevate their worship services through our exceptional products.

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TrueVine Chalice

The #1 Easy-Open Communion Cup

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TrueVine Cup

Smaller and fits in trays

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TrueVine Chalice diagram of features TrueVine Chalice diagram of features
A Reverent Communion Experience
Easy to use Easy to use

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Best Seller
TrueVine Chalice New TrueVine Cup Other Prefilled Cups
TrueVine Chalice New TrueVine Cup Other Prefilled Cups
Easy Open, Silent Seals
100% Grape Juice
Sacramental Wine
Unleavened Bread
Gluten-Free Bread
Unleavened Wafer (round)
Elegant Chalice Shape
Fits in Communion Trays
Pricing as low as $0.39/cup $0.26/cup $0.20/cup

Why You'll Love TrueVine

Easy to Open

Easy to Open

Safe & Sanitary

Safe & Sanitary

TrueVine communion products are a sanitary way to distribute communion elements.

Fresh Ingredients

Fresh Ingredients

Our products are made fresh to order, with only the highest quality, best-tasting ingredients.

Keeps Focus on Christ

Keeps Focus on Christ

No disruptions, no distractions, no spills, and no stress.

TrueVine Communion Cups

TrueVine Communion Cups

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