Communion Trays & Sets

Communion Trays

We have the largest and most complete selection of communion trays and bread plates from the most trusted brands. Artistic communion ware sets are some of the finest church ware options you can buy. Shop individual communion trays or complete sets, available in brass, silver, copper, and wood. Communion Ware pieces include communion trays, communion bread plates, & tray/plate covers.

How to Shop for Communion Trays

1. Choose Your Brand

We carry Communion Trays & Sets from the finest manufacturers.

2. Choose Your Material

We offer Stainless Steel Brass and Silver, Brasstone Aluminum, Wood and more!

3. Choose Your Pieces

Each set contains trays and covers for both bread and cups.


  • Available in Silvertone Aluminum, Polished Aluminum & Brasstone Aluminum
  • Made in the USA


  • Available in Stainless Steel Brass & Stainless Steel Silver


  • Available in Polished Aluminum, Solid Brass, & Stainless Steel

Robert Smith

  • Handcrafted wooden communion ware
  • Available in Antique Maple Stain, Pecan Stain, & Walnut Stain
  • Note: Must be used with the KD100 Communion Cups

Questions to Consider

When picking your metal/material, keep in mind your choice can change pricing quite a bit. From aluminum and steel to wood to brass and even copper, each has many qualities. Silvertone Aluminum from Artistic is one of the most popular because it is very durable with a great resilient finish, and great classic look at an affordable price.

Are you adding to an existing set?

Do your best to find the exact same brand, and/or a very close match. Look on bottom of tray or inside to find item numbers and/or brand name. Search for those on our site or give us a call we may be able to help identify the brand.

Are you buying a new set?

You have some options! First decide on a budget. We usually recommend Artistic as our first choice — these trays are made in the USA, have affordable options, and are the best value (high quality for the price).

Communion Trays & Sets

133 Products
Stacking Bread Plate - Brass Stainless Steel
$31.99 $38.99
Communion Tray Cover - Brass Stainless Steel
$49.99 $51.99
Breadplate Cover - Brass Stainless Steel
$34.99 $42.99
Communion Tray Base - Brass Stainless Steel
$39.99 $45.99
Stacking Bread Plate Base - Brass Stainless Steel
$49.99 $63.99
One Pass Communion Tray - Brass Stainless Steel
$59.99 $79.99
Communion Tray - Silver Stainless Steel
$51.99 $65.99
Bread Plate - Silver Stainless Steel
$36.99 $45.99
Tray Bread Insert - Silver Stainless Steel
$19.99 $21.99
Stacking Bread Plate - Silver Stainless Steel
$49.99 $63.99
Communion Tray Cover - Silver Stainless Steel
$49.99 $61.99
Breadplate Cover - Silver Stainless Steel
$34.99 $42.99
Communion Tray Base - Silver Stainless Steel
$39.99 $45.99
Stacking Bread Plate Base - Silver Stainless Steel
$31.99 $38.99
RemembranceWare Communion Starter Kit - Silver Set
$179.99 $209.99
One Pass Communion Tray - Silver Stainless Steel
$59.99 $79.99
Communion Tray Cover - Brass Tone by Sudbury
$31.49 $34.95

Out of Stock

Stacking Bread Plate - Brass Tone by Sudbury
$25.49 $27.95