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Candlelight Service Candles

Candlelight Service Candles

We carry a complete line of candlelight service candle sets for your candlelight service, candlelight vigil, or Christmas service.

Complete candlelight service sets include: 1 Pastor candle, 6 usher candles, congregation candles and paper drip protectors.

We also have basic candlelight kits which include just the candles and drip protectors. Our wax candlelight service candles are made by Emkay and Will & Baumer.

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Want to go Flameless?
SafeFlame LED Battery Candles

Paper or Plastic?
Candlelight drip protectors are available in several options.

Need Longer Candles?
Longer burning candlelight candles from 4.25" to 8.5" inches

How Long Do The Candles Burn?
Learn About Candlelight Candles

How Long Do Candlelight Candles Burn?

We get this question all the time. So, we did a test of the burning times on the various candles we have available. On average the candlelight candles burn at a rate of approximately 1 inch per 30 minutes. As an example, if you are using a 4.5 inch candle, after 30 minutes approximately 3.5 inches will remain. So when selecting a candle you should consider how long you will burn the candle and if you intend to use for multiple services. We recommend the longer length candles 6.5" and 7" if you want to use for multiple services. The short 4.5 inch candles are often OK for multiple uses if burn time is short.

Candlelight Tip: We recommend using fresh new candles for each service because they can sometimes get messy when reused for multiple services. Since they are relatively inexpensive (as low as $0.15 each), consider giving to your congregation as a take home gift!

Battery Candles: We also have SafeFlame Battery candles if you are concerned about fire regulations, weather, or cleanup. These are a increasingly popular alternative to wax candles.

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