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Candlelight Service Candles

Whether you are looking for complete candlelight service sets, bulk candleight candles, tealights or luminarias we have a solution for you. We have the largest selection of candlelight candles. Download our quick one-page candlelight buyers guide to compare the various candle options we have available.

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Candlelight Quick Tips & FAQ's

» Download Candlelight Buyer's Guide and Size Chart

How fast to the Candlelight Candles Burn?

We did a test to measure the burning rate of the one-half inch diameter candlelight candles and found they burn at approximately 1 inch per 30 minutes. This was under controlled conditions and the candles were fixed in position. So they may burn slightly faster in actual use.

How Long of a Candle Do I Need?

Generally, the 4.5" or 5" candles are sufficient for most candlelight services. However, there are advantages to using longer candles (6.5" and 7"). These include when you are using with plastic shield drip protectors, the longer length candles are easier to hold, have a longer burn time, and create a better visual impact.

Can I reuse candles for multiple services?

Yes you can. However...we recommend using fresh candles for each service because it can tend to get messy when the candle wax melts, drips, and then is reheated for the next serivce. The dried wax is more likely flake off during that second or third use. If you are using for multiple services we recommend the plastic holder which does a great job of containing the wax. Candles are relatively inexpensive (as low as $0.15 each), consider balancing the cost of cleanup with fresh candles for each service.

What about Flameless Battery Candles?

Ye,s we have these and they work great! For those churches or facilities that have strict fire regulations or concerned about cleanup issues, we recommend our safeflame flameless battery candles. A wonderful alternative to wax candles and simple to operate for all ages.

Candlelight Product Categories

Complete Sets

Complete Sets come with Pastor, Usher, and congregation candles and drip protectors.

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Plastic Drip Protectors

Complete Sets come with Pastor, Usher, and congregation candles and drip protectors.

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Buy in Bulk - Candlelight Candles

You can make your own set and buy candles or drip protectors separately.

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Battery Candlelight Candles

We have a handheld battery candles that flicker like a real flame. Tealights and handheld versions.

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