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Church Bulletin Templates for Printing

Use these bulletin templates to help setup & design the inside of your church bulletin covers. Our bulletin templates are a basic guide for you to use with any of our church bulletins on website. Remember to always test on blank paper before printing on the actual church bulletins covers.

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Praise & Worship - Special Occasions - Easter - Christmas

Most Popular Templates - Free!

The Free bulletin templates below are Microsoft Word documents with basic instructions.

11" Bulletin (8.5" x 11")

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14" Bulletin (8.5" x 14")

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Some Quick Church Bulletin Design Tips

1. Design - Look, Style, & Feel

  • Cover: An attractive bulletin cover will draw in readers. An inspiring and powerful image makes an immediate impact.


    Fonts: Use simple and consistent font sizes and font styles (Use only 2-4 throughout the document). Use an easy to read font that fits your church. Use complementary fonts for header and body. Consider Myriad Pro or Avenir. Are you more traditional? Then go with Times, or Arial.


    Break up the Text & Keep It Brief

    • Too much text overwhelms the reader, include only the most important information.


      Use headers to break up the sections.

    • Refer readers to your website, a phone number, someone's name or your information booth for more details.

    • Insert a Graphic or Image - Make sure it reprints well and is appropriate.

2. Content for your Church Bulletin

  • Ministry news and notes:Small group meeting information and times


  • Contact Info: Phone Numbers, Address, Email addresses and Website


    Upcoming Events: Upcoming church events and other events like concerts or mission trips


    Past Events: Recap the past week’s important events, and use names. People love to see their name in print


    Excerpts from books or periodicals that relate to real life issues, such as parenting, relationships, finance and other topics that will provide spiritual growth


    Pictures, if possible. People love to see their picture!  Use a photo that has good contrast and brightness.

3. Keep it Simple & Updated

Keep them updated on the current events. Give them a reason to come to your info booth and ask questions. Direct them to your website or certain people who can follow up with them.

4. Ask for Feedback

Explore topics they may be interested for a sermon series or bible study. Ask your congregation what information they would like to see in the bulletins. They will be glad you asked, even if they do not always respond.


We hope these church bulletin templates give you a good starting point for your next Sunday's bulletin!
May God Bless Your Ministry!