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Wedding Candelabra (Head Only)

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    Product Description

    Wedding Candelabra (Head Only)

    A blessed day, an enduring vow, a celebration of unity, love and faith.

    Lustrous brass candelabras stand tall in tribute to the holiness of this occasion. A sturdy base, tabletop and floor styles, interlocking rings and removable candles symbolize two lives joined as one before God.

    Candles not included.

    Exterior candleholders fit 7/8" candles. Use RW8411.

    Center candleholder has 7" diameter with spike. Use RW8410.

    Silver Rings: 7 1⁄4" diameter silver rings.

    Solid Brass, Head Only.  All heads are interchangeable and fit on any base.

    Product Details

    Weight16 lbs.

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