Build Your Own VBS-At-Home Box Bundle - Rocky Railway Elementary Ages (for 10 kids)

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  • INCLUDES: Five Imagination Stations 1. Off-Rail Roller 2. Hope 'n' Hover 3. Bold Blaster 4. Perpetual Paper 5. Power Bands and the corresponding Sticker Sheets
  • INCLUDES: Buddies, Sticker Sheet, Paper Theme Box,Carabiners, Name Badge, Wristbands, Bible Activity Book, and White Cardboard Boxes
  • INCLUDES: White Cardboard Boxes and Plastic Zip-Lock Bags.
  • You can order this and use for a regular VBS. Or assemble into VBS-At-Home boxes to pass out to families.
  • Enough for 10 kids. You will need to breakdown the packages into single units for each child.
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Concordia Supply explains how to build your own VBS At Home Box for Groups 2020 VBS Rocky Railway. These are intended to help you plan for your VBS in the event of a virtual VBS or socially distanced VBS amidst the Covid-19 virus. In this video see how you can create your own boxes using our DIY bundle linked below.

The Unboxing 00:25 Step 1: Box Assembly 02:38 Step 2: Imagination Station Bag Stickering 04:15 Step 3: Off Rail Roller Bagging 06:35 Step 4: Hope n' Hover Bagging 08:05 Step 5: Bold Blaster Bagging 10:05 Step 6: Perpetual Paper Bagging 11:01 Step 7: Power Bands Bagging 11:46 Step 8: Bible Memory Buddies, Name Tags, Watch for God Bracelets Bagging 13:35 Step 9: Assemble Into the VBS Boxes 16:20 Step 10: Add Ons (CDs, Banderas, Shirts) 18:28 and Custom Shirt Designs 19:06

Product Description

Includes all the supplies you will need to build you own VBS Boxes for 10 elementary age students. Whether you do VBS at your church this summer or go with an At-Home Virtual VBS, these VBS boxes will make your life easier and simpler to distribute to kids and their families.

This Bundle Is a Great Value! 

What's Included? Includes all of the following for 10 kids....

  • Pack of 100 Plastic Resealable Bags - You only need about 60 to pack your VBS Imagination Station Items, so you'll have extras ;)
  • Pack of 10 White Foldable Cardboard Boxes
  • Off-Rail Roller (10)
  • Hope 'n' Hover (10)
  • Bold Blaster (10)
  • Perpetual Paper (10)
  • Power Band (10)
  • Try This at Home Sticker Sheets (10)
  • Carabiner (10)
  • Bible Buddies (10)
  • Tracking with Jesus Bible Book (10)
  • Wristbands - Watch for God (10)
  • Name Badges (10)
  • Sticker Sheet with Rocky Railway Themed Art (10)
  • Paper Full Color Design Themed Boxes - For all the kids items (10)

How Do I assemble this? 
You and a couple volunteers can assemble the boxes. See the how-to videos to guide you through the process. We estimate about 20 min for 2 people to completely assemble 10 boxes.

What Are Some Extra Rocky Railway Key Items NOT Included?
  • Banduras
  • Music CD's and/or Cards
  • T-Shirts (Stock or Custom Shirts)
  • Crew Rocky Themed Plastics Bags (use as alternate to the white box)
Don't Have The Time To Assemble Yourself? 
Don't worry. Our staff will do the assembly for you. Check out the "Prepacked VBS-At-Home Box" product which is pre-packed by our team and ready to go for you.

Product Details

Weight5 lbs.
Age LevelChildren
Pack Size10
ThemeRocky Railway
CategoryEssential Bundles, Imagination Station, Student Resources

Rocky Railway Imagination Station

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