Sanitizer Station - Solid Oak Stand with Touchless Automatic Dispenser Bundle

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  • INCLUDES both the automatic dispenser and stand.
  • Made with strong solid oak wood. Heavy oak wood makes for sturdy base. Stained with Early American stain and lacquer for long lasting finish.
  • Touchless Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser is 1000ml capacity, refillable tank, for use with Gel Sanitizer or Hand Soap.
  • Save over 10% when you order the bundle! Comes fully assembled and ready to use. MADE IN USA
  • BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED - Powered by 8 AA-Batteries (not included) or 9V-DC Plug (not included). Optional extra battery slots for longer run-time / improved performance. Sanitizer Gel sold separately.
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Product Features

Product Description

Solid Oak Sanitation Stand and Automatic Dispenser

This Touch-Free Automatic Hand Sanitizer Gel Dispenser has been tested and approved by our staff to be durable, effective, and aesthetically pleasing for your church, school, or work environment. Help create a safe and sanitary environment for your guests and staff. Includes 48" Sanitation Stand.

  • Work with all Gel Hand Sanitizer products. (Do not use with Liquid Sanitizer)
  • Automatic infrared sensor technology provides quick sanitizer delivery without touching the dispenser
  • Refill the 1000 ml (33 oz) storage container with your favorite Gel Sanitizer for about 800-1,000 dispenses per refill.
  • Easily attach to a stand, wall, or glass with screws, nails, silicon sealant, or double-sided tape.
  • Powered by 8 AA-Batteries (not included) or 9V-DC Plug (not included)

Applications: Church Services, Foodservice, Healthcare, Dental, Industrial Safety, Laboratory, Home care.

Ships Directly From Our USA Warehouse. Sourced from our trusted and reliable manufacturers.

Sanitation Stand - Made in USA

Stand Pole

  • Fixed 48" height
  • Square shape pole.

Oak Stand

  • Made of Solid Oak.
  • Designed to work with out automatic sanitizers.
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Height Approx 50" tall. 
  • Base Size 12" x 12"
  • Weight 15 lbs.

Designed and made by retired pastor and former Army Chaplain Henry Haga. American Oak, American made. This product is made with only solid high grade materials and great care is taken with each and every stand. You will not be disappointed and love the look of this stand in any sanctuary, school, or office setting. Provides a warm and welcoming look for the sanitizer stands. Not compatible with the Silver or Black Aluminum Sign Frame.

Stained with an elegant "Early American" stain color plus added with second coat of clear lacquer to protect the finish.

    Product Details

    Weight30 lbs.

    Technical Details


    If you choose the dispenser of gel/liquid (YK1008), please refer to the following instructions

    • Name: Automatic liquid soap dispenser
    • Model: YK1008
    • Induction Way: Infrared reflection
    • Induction Distance: The shortest 3cm, the longest 10 ± 2cm
    • Material: ABS Plastic
    • Capacity: 1000ml
    • Refillable Liquid: Milky liquid (such as: shampoo, shower gel, hand soap, etc.)
    • Dispensing: Gel/liquid
    • Dose: One drop: 0.8ml, Two drop: 1.6ml
    • Battery: 8 AA alkaline batteries
    • Power Adapter: Input voltage: AC100~240V 50/60Hz; Output voltage: DC6.0V 2A (Optional, it is not included by default)

    Battery Installation Steps

    Remove the bottle, open battery compartment and insert 8 AA alkaline batteries

    • Remove bottle
    • Remove the battery compartment cover
    • Insert batteries

    Installation Notes

    When installing, please keep below space of dispenser at least 30cm. Choose a suitable place to install machine, do not let the dispenser get wet.

    • Insert the key into the corresponding hole of dispenser (A-1)
    • Press down on key hole and swinging cover down (A-2)
    • Remove bottle (A-3)
    • According to the screw hole position on the bottom shell, use pen to mark, fix screws and then hang dispenser (A-4)
    • Open the battery compartment cover and insert 8 AA alkaline batteries correctly (A-5)
    • Pour liquid into the bottom (must remove bottle to add liquid) (A-6)
    • Put the bottle into the dispenser vertically and parallel (A-7)
    • Pump head need to be locked in the correct position of U-shape part (A-8)

    Component Description

    • Key
    • Visible Window
    • Adapter Socket
    • Bottle Cap
    • Bottle
    • Pump
    • Front Cover
    • Bottom Shell
    • Battery Compartment
    • Internal Unit
    • Once Button
    • Twice Button
    • On/Off
    • LED Indicator
    • U-Shape Part
    • Screw Hanging Hole
    • Sensor Light
    • Outlet


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