Scripture Press

Total Bible Learning

Build a solid foundation based on Scriptures and the result is dedicated discipleship. Scripture Press curriculum is designed to help students understand and grow in the knowledge of God's Word.

Scripture Press Features

Conservative theology and doctrine
3-Step Lesson Plan
Dual Translation NIV/KJV two year old through High School, choice of translation for adult NIV or KJV

Key Distinctives

Focuses entirely on the Scriptures
Bible truths taught as foundations for all character building and life choices
Intentionally evangelistic (invites students to trust Christ as Savior)
Salvational emphasis uses biblical concepts of sin, atonement, grace, and faith
Encourages teachers and students to rely on and respond to Holy Spirit
Dual translation (NIV/KJV) 2s & 3s through high school; Adults choose KJV or NIV studies
3-step lesson plan
Conservative position on lifestyle issues
High view of Scripture (verbal, plenary inspiration, inerrant, authoritative)
Moderate dispensational emphasis
Pre-millennial, but no single view on time of the rapture
Missions emphasis