Scripture Press Sunday School

Total Bible Learning

Build a solid foundation based on Scriptures and the result is dedicated discipleship. Scripture Press curriculum is designed to help students understand and grow in the knowledge of God's Word.

  • Conservative theology and doctrine
  • 3-Step Lesson Plan
  • Dual Translation NIV/KJV two year old through High School, choice of translation for adult NIV or KJV

Key Distinctives

  • Focuses entirely on the Scriptures
  • Bible truths taught as foundations for all character building and life choices
  • Intentionally evangelistic (invites students to trust Christ as Savior)
  • Salvational emphasis uses biblical concepts of sin, atonement, grace, and faith
  • Encourages teachers and students to rely on and respond to Holy Spirit
  • Dual translation (NIV/KJV) 2s & 3s through high school; Adults choose KJV or NIV studies
  • 3-step lesson plan
  • Conservative position on lifestyle issues
  • High view of Scripture (verbal, plenary inspiration, inerrant, authoritative)
  • Moderate dispensational emphasis
  • Pre-millennial, but no single view on time of the rapture
  • Missions emphasis