Reformation Press

Designed to Pass on the Reformed Heritage
Reformation Press features the comprehensive Scripture teaching of the popular Bible-in-Life curriculum supplemented with coverage of the essential tenets of the Reformed faith.

About Reformation Press

The Reformation Press curriculum, derived from the popular Bible-in-Life series, is designed to pass on the Reformed heritage to Toddler through High School with materials that are biblically sound, easy-to-teach, and put Bible truths to work every day.

This Reformed heritage includes certain essential teachings found in Scripture. These Reformed "essentials" are the lovely coat that comes from weaving the threads of Scripture together. When we look closely at all the wonderful truths that comprise this "coat,” we may see it as a robe—a royal robe that adorns our Lord and King.

Key Distinctives

From These Roots traces the nine essentials “threads” of the Reformed faith
Lessons are Bible-based
God-honoring biblical values covered for Toddler through Adult
Church/Home connection throughout Four-Step Lesson Plan
Centrist theological stance (presents the essentials of the historical Christian faith and allows churches to incorporate denominational doctrines)
Systematic Bible coverage in 2- to 3-year cycle (Toddler through High school), 6 to 8-year cycle (Adult)

Four-Step Learning Plan

Teachers love the Four-Step Learning Plan because it's designed to mirror the compelling approach that Jesus often used in the Scriptures:

Jesus started where His students were.
Jesus shared life-changing truth.
Jesus explained how His truth applied.
Jesus called for action.