Echoes Sunday School

A Culturally-Relevant Gospel Presentation

For over 20 years, Echoes curriculum has been one of the most widely used resources for African American churches. Every lesson is easy-to-use, teacher friendly, strengthens the entire church body with a Unified Lesson Theme, and is certain to keep your classes engaged with relevant Scriptural content that applies to their everyday lives. Discover the Echoes Sunday School curriculum today!


Discover a curriculum that emphasizes the inclusiveness of people of color throughout biblical history.

Key Distinctives

  • Provides a culturally-relevant Gospel presentation
  • Is Bible-based and Christ-centered
  • Follows the International Sunday School Lesson outlines at the adult level
  • Is easy to prepare and teach
  • Recognizes life needs of students and reveals life-impacting biblical application

Quick Facts

  • Age Levels: Toddler - Adults
  • Scope & Sequence: 2-3 years (6-8 years for adults)  download >
  • Format: Age-Graded classroom setting

Unified Theme Approach

Through the Unified Theme Approach your entire congregation will be learning the same biblical principles-every student at every age-at their own level of development. The Unified Themes integrates and strengthens your congregation by extending the valuable lessons learned in Sunday school into the home-providing a greater understanding of God's Word, and beginning a discipleship process that continues for a lifetime.

How It Works


Designed for multiple learning styles. Encourages application in real-to-life situations and activities. Built- in flexibility (customizable lessons, activities, class size, age levels, etc.). Easy to prepare and teach.

Theologically sound, comprehensive, Bible-based emphasis

Filled with Bible stories, pictures, and photos; Bible- based themes, activities, memory verses, and more. All with the goal of fostering spiritual growth.


Our Heritage: The Black Church and Echoes

Millions of us in black denominations, independent churches, and multicultural Christian fellowships have a shared heritage that God tells us to remember, not to forget (Deuteronomy 6-9).

Echoes curriculum has been faithful to the work of remembering all that we have inherited through its central focus of teaching by doing God's Holy Word. You will find that Echoes acknowledges and celebrates the cultural and biblical heritage of African Americans.

  • Our heritage in the Bible, including our ancestry in the Garden of Eden, on the ark, in the twelve tribes of Israel, and throughout Bible people of the Old and the New Testaments.
  • Our heritage in church history: Simon of Cyrene, Clement of Alexandria, Origen, Tertullian, and Augustine; all North Africans are among our scholars, theologians, writers, and teachers.
  • Our heritage of community leaders who have taught us through resounding sermons delivered from pulpits, through books and poetry, through songs of sorrow and joy, and through tireless training in our church schools are featured in the Echoes curriculum.

We have tasted God's deliverance and must not forget that heritage. Across our diverse denominations and churches we can sing Albert A. Goodson's lyric: "We've come this far by faith, leaning on the Lord, trusting in His Holy Word, and He's never failed [us] yet. Oh, can't turn around, we've come this far by faith.