A Mission-Focused KJV-Exclusive Curriculum
The Accent Sunday School combines a singular emphasis on baptistic doctrine with a commitment to Scripture in the King James Version. You'll appreciate the uniqueness of Accent among Sunday school curriculum resources.


Scripture exclusive to the King James Version (KJV)
Conservative theology and doctrine
Knowledge of God's Word encouraged at all age levels

Key Distinctives

Scripture exclusive to the King James Version
Three-Step Lesson Plan
Emphasis on missions
Salvational emphasis uses biblical concepts of sin, atonement, grace, faith
High view of Scripture (verbal, plenary inspiration, inerrant, authoritative)
Dispensational, premillennial, and pretribulational
Conservative position on lifestyle issues
Conservative dress and styles depicted in lessons

Doctrinal statements include:

Total depravity of humanity
Eternal security of the believer
Ecclesiastical separation of the church
Personal separation from the world
Autonomy of the local church
Two ordinances only: believer's baptism by immersion and Communion
Bible is the sole authority for faith and practice