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You've Got This! Let's Plan Your Best VBS Yet.

VBS can be overwhelming–whether you are a seasoned director or a first-timer! At Concordia Supply, our goal is to make this Your Best VBS Yet with free tools and resources. Below, you'll find every free VBS resource from Concordia Supply, arranged by whatever stage of VBS planning you are in! This includes our VBS Guide, the only VBS catalog that compares each year's theme side by side, along with expert advice.

Step 1: Kick-Start Planning

Free Planning Tools to Get You Going

The VBS Guide (coming late 2022!) is the perfect first step in your VBS planning! Not only does it include a comparison chart and full catalog for the top VBS themes, it also includes free planning tools and resources! Request your copy and get instant digital access.


Looking for planning checklists and budgets? The VBS Planner Pack includes four key planning tools: The VBS Planning Checklist, the NEW VBS Volunteer Recruitment Worksheet, the VBS Kickstarter Worksheet, and the VBS Budget Planner. All four will be included in the opening pages of the VBS Guide, but you can download them now to get started right away.

Step 2: Select a VBS Theme

Compare & Pick a Theme with these Simple Tools

Having a hard time deciding what theme to go with? Get the free Theme Preview Guide to learn about this year's top VBS themes!


This guide includes the 2023 Theme Comparison Chart along with deep-dives into what makes each theme unique. Want more? Check out each themes Music Samples or start exploring Leader Guide Samples for select themes.

Step 3: Choose Your Starter Kit

Order a VBS Starter Kit to Kick Your Planning into High Gear

Your Starter Kit is the key to your VBS planning and includes everything you need to know. For many directors, the Starter Kit is your very first VBS purchase. It's contents will help you with your future orders, including what student items you need, and what decor you want to purchase. Your VBS Starter Kit will also help you figure out...


- How many volunteers you need
- Timelines for when you should start promoting, decorating, etc
- Samples of key items so you can decide what to order

Step 4: Promote Your VBS

Get the Word Out...and Keep it Going!

How are you going to let families know about your VBS? Will you do an outdoor banner on the church lawn? What about mailing postcards to nearby neighborhoods? How about keeping in touch over text and email?


We know you have enough on your plate already, so here are 4 easy tools to make promoting and communicating about your VBS a breeze:

VBS Communication Plan

This Free Download includes Done-for-You Emails and Text Messages to both Volunteers and Families for every stage of VBS.

Free Emailing & Texting

Thanks to our partnership with Text-in-Church, you can sign up for a 60-day trial to their text and email platform! Plus, your VBS Communication Plan is already included!


Make VBS memorable for kids and volunteers with these great student and leader items! Every VBS theme has key items that they recommend you purchase for kids, but the ultimate choice is up to you. Look for the Essential Item tag on our website when shopping to see what we recommend for each theme.

Step 6: Begin Decorating

Decorations set the tone for your VBS. Transform your sanctuary with these stress-free decorations at the best price! Shop all decor, or explore our best-selling backdrops and posters below. Looking for inspiration? Our Pinterest boards include new craft and volunteer thank-you options for each theme, plus Real-Life Inspiration for decorating.


While each VBS theme comes with a recommended Missions project, you can change it to whatever will be most meaningful to your kids and community. We've picked Water For Tanzania as our Missions partner for 2023. Learn why Water is a Game Changer and download our FREE Water4 Missions Leader Guide - complete with 5 days of activities for your VBS!



If you've followed these steps, you are ready for your VBS! Now it's time to take a deep breath, thank God for his goodness and provision, and ask Him to bless your week.


Tip #1: Read Your Director's Guide:

Be sure you check your theme's Director's Guide for final tips and checklists to make sure you have everything covered from safety to emergency plans.


Tip #2: Pray!

Remember that the most important thing you can do in planning is pray. We are praying for you, too, asking God to bless your work and reveal Himself to you, your volunteers, and your kids in powerful, life-changing ways!


Tip #3: Recruit and Delegate

Remember that you can't do VBS alone. Picking key leaders and volunteers to support you and share the work is the biggest game changer. And if you need help on how to find these leaders, let us know and we'll help you!


Tip #4: Ask for Help!

If you need any help in your VBS planning or decision making, we're here to help! Schedule time with our VBS Experts! And don’t forget to reach out to your peers for inspiration, encouragement, and advice with our Facebook Group.

Contact a VBS Specialist!

Getting started with VBS? Schedule a time to talk one-to-one with one of our experts to discuss your VBS!


At Concordia Supply, it's our mission to equip churches and ministry leaders with high quality christian resources that transform lives for Christ.