SeaSide Escape

The all-new Women's Ministry Retreat. SeaSide Escape: Where Women Bask in God's Presence

The First Step to Your Best Retreat Ever!

The First Step to Your Best Retreat Ever!

The Director's Kit is your go-to resource for planning, recruiting, and leading a refreshing retreat.

"Be still and know that I am God." - Psalm 46:10



SeaSide Escape helps women find rest and relaxation from the hustle and bustle of life as they slow down and spend time with God and each other. This beach-themed retreat program includes Bible study based on the stories of Sarah and Hagar, uplifting worship, a time for Christian service, and relationship-building activities to help your retreat guests discover the depth of God’s love, strength, and compassion.

We usually pack our bags full of the things we need for a day at the beach. In this session, your guests begin to consider the “baggage” they carry every day. They also spend time in worship and exploring the life of Sarai in Genesis—a woman with her own baggage.
Friends are the sunshine of our lives, and in this session we use the warmth of sunshine to remind us of the warmth of friendship. Women do a fun activity that allows them to meet and get to know each other better.
In this session, women experiment with sand and discover just how impossible it is to control this grainy substance. They also discover how Sarai tried to control her life and how this relates to our lives today.
Stillness and reflection lead to a closer relationship with God. Session 4 guides women to a time of quiet, meaningful prayer and contemplation. At the end of this time, participants receive a tangible reminder of Psalm 46:10.
Just as God changes a grain of sand into a pearl, God works in us, who are more precious than any pearl. In this session, we explore how God changed Sarai’s name to Sarah and the changes God is making in our own lives.
God heals us when we are hurt or damaged, just as he has made the starfish able to heal and regrow. We take a look at Hagar, a woman who had difficult experiences. Then women move into a time of service where they lovingly and prayerfully create gifts for other women in need of healing.
All the elements come together in a beautiful keepsake created with celebration and prayer. Women learn the legacy of Sarah’s life. They consider their own legacy and write this as a prayer.

Highlights of SeaSide Escape include:

- Bible study focusing on the stories of Sarah and Hagar to help women grow in their relationship with God

- Guided worship featuring both classic hymns and contemporary songs

- Small-group discussions that keep women engaged and building friendships throughout

- A meaningful service project that will allow participants to extend sweet love to someone who needs encouragement

SeaSide Escape

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